I will take my life into my own hands. And I will not be bullied by you!

Mary to Henry about marrying Francis or Bash

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Mary arrives in France

In the series premiere, Mary is sent to France to become acquainted with the French court, as well as with the old friend to whom she’s been betrothed since childhood, Francis. She is also reunited with her Ladies-In-Waiting the moment she arrives. After getting dressed, the girls decide to walk around the castle but Mary tells them she will catch up with them later. Mary interrupts Francis and discovers his avocation of making knives and swords. Mary charms Francis with her own accomplishments, that she can milk a goat and cut peat. Good skills to know, Francis allows, in case there’s ever an uprising in France they’d have to do something to get by. She is quick to respond that she’d take him back to Scotland and he could rule with her there. Francis hopes he’ll never have to take Mary up on that. Mary ventures outside and sits by a lake with her dog, gathering stones. Her dog begins barking toward the woods, and Mary silences him. She then gathers up her things and heads back to Francis, to give him the stones to decorate his sword. When she arrives at his rooms, however, Francis is less than happy to see her and says that in the future she needs to remember to be announced. Mary becomes irritated with Francis, and asks him what is wrong, and whether or not he’s alone, and he simply tells her that Kings do not answer to their wives.

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Mary and her friends dancing

While outside, her dog, Stirling, runs off into the woods and as she tries to get him, Sebastian stops her and tells her to never go into those woods. They share a moment and he tells her he will get her dog back. Before the wedding, someone of the French Court in the walls warns Mary to dance, but not drink at the celebration. Mary follows the mysterious voice’s orders and does not drink the wine. Mary, Greer, Kenna, and Aylee begin to dance and have fun. While dancing both Bash and Francis catch her eye as they watch her.

Colin comes to her room late at night to rape her, thinking that she is knocked out from the wine and hoping to make her unfit to marry Prince Francis. Mary wakes up and is able to scream for help. The next morning Mary’s ladies-in-waiting are discussing what happened, when Lola says that he was forced by other people to try to harm her and that he didn't want to. Mary tells Lola that she believes that Colin didn't mean to harm her, and goes to speak with The King and Queen of France to see if Colin can be released. Her plea is unsuccessful though. The King had uncovered a plot by the English to have Mary raped, which would then make her unsuitable to marry the Prince of France, or any other royal – or noble, for that matter, man. As punishment, Colin was immediately executed, much to Mary and Lola’s dismay.

Mary 3

Mary talking to Bash

Lola immediately blamed Mary for Colin’s death, and the two had a falling out. As Mary leaves her friends, she runs into Bash – who has returned with her dog. Mary thanks him profusely, and then retires to her rooms. As Bash turns to walk away he is met by his mother, who asks him where he found the dog. Bash explains that he found the dog in the woods, and that it was drawn to the blood.

Later, Mary and Francis run in to each other and Francis accuses Mary of intentionally trying to marr her reputation by getting back at him by sleeping with Colin. Mary, of course, denies it but reminds Francis that they may not even be getting married and that he doesn’t even want to. After a heated discussion the two almost kiss before Francis turns away. At night, Mary thanks whoever it was that warned her and asks if they are in danger too.


Mary and Kenna

In Snakes in the Garden, Mary is a bit concerned that so many people seem to be plotting her demise. Sure, she knows that the English want her country and her crown, but Colin told Lola that someone at the French court forced him into her bedroom.

In the presence chamber, Queen Catherine is telling her youngest son, Charles, about his intended bride. When it’s mentioned that his young bride, Madeleine who is only seven, is nervous about the journey to meet him, Mary volunteers to go since she thinks she’ll be able to reassure her given that she, too, was sent away from her family as a child. Queen Catherine and Nostradamus agree, and Mary is sent on her way. When Mary, Francis, and Charles arrive at the coast to await the young princess they are greeted not by a friendly French ship, but by an English war ship. Francis panics and demands that Mary be scurried away just as Bash arrives to tell them that it isn’t an enemy ship, but rather a helping hand. The French ship carrying Princess Madeleine took on water, and the English ship rescued them and continued them on their journey.

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Francis and Mary

Fortunately, there is a party to take her mind of things. Unfortunately, she meets English envoy Simon who, besides questioning the strength of her engagement to Francis, also takes credit for the nun poisoning from the pilot. Before Mary totally loses it, her betrothed comes to the rescue, convincing the shaken sovereign to act as if their relationship was more solid then rumors made it appear. “Can you do this?” He asks Mary, extending her hand. “Absolutely.” She replies. The next day, Queen Catherine tells Mary that Colin was working with the English in an attempt to sabotage her. The Queen also informs Mary that she is well-protected
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at court, and that the French guards are out in force looking for him. Mary requests that once Colin is found he is brought directly to her so that she may speak with him. Outside, Mary and Francis are watching Charlie and Madeleine play a game when Mary tells Francis that she feels “endangered” at the French court. She also tells him that Colin said his orders came from someone at court with enough power to order him executed and that she doesn’t think it was The King. Francis becomes insulted that she would imagine that his mother would put her in harms way. A bit later Mary goes in search of Charles. When she finds him he’s whispering into a darkened doorway, and tells her that he’s speaking with his friend who “knows things” and “goes where she wants,” but doesn’t like most people. Eventually he tells Mary that his friend’s name is Clarissa, and Mary confesses that she thinks Clarissa may have visited her once.

Back in her room Mary sees a woman trying on one of her gowns. The woman begins profusely apologizing and says that the tailor asked that she return it to her room and she just couldn't resist trying it on. As she explains Mary begins to smile, and it looks like Mary’s about to reassure her when the woman starts screaming for Mary to stay back, and that she thinks the dress is poisoned. The woman then begins writhing on the ground screaming and clawing at the dress while Mary runs screaming from the room, shrieking for help.

When Mary returns to her room with help the woman is missing. Francis, who has joined Mary, determines that the assassin must have absconded with the body of the dead woman, and sends the guards to search the castle and the grounds. Mary wonders if the assassin could have left through the passage in her room, and shows Francis the door she discovered. He says that he doesn't think so, since most of the passage ways are dead ends since the castle has been built up, but says he’ll have the guards check them anyway. When Mary is told that none of the guards saw anyone leaving her room or walking through the halls with a body, or any suspicious actions at all, Mary takes to the passageways. She rolls some beads down the passageway and asks Clarissa if she’s in danger, and if she knows who is behind it, and the beads come back again. Mary then asks Clarissa who is after her, if it’s the English or if it’s Queen Catherine, but both beads come back and Mary can hear Clarissa running down the passage away from her. Back at the castle, Mary slips into a room to find Simon… and the woman from earlier. She accuses Simon of staging the woman’s poisoning to terrorize her and tells him that she isn't scared, because she’s used to the English terrorizing her. She tells Simon that she knows that the English are afraid that she will become Queen of England. Mary also hypothesizes that Simon and the English have Queen Catherine’s support in their endeavour to terrorize her out of France, but he says if he had her support it would make it much easier for her.

Elsewhere, Mary and Francis are having a heart-to-heart. Mary has told Francis that although she has no tangible proof she is absolutely positive that his mother is trying to terrorize her. He tells her that he will be by her side, she has his loyalty, and that he can protect her. Then he holds her hand as the episode ends.


Mary and the girls.

In Kissed, Mary’s uncle arrives with the news that the England is making its move on Scotland’s border. Mary’s terror over the potential invasion of her country prompts her to demand that King Henry send companies to Scotland’s defense. However, King Henry has no plans on helping, since the potential loss of those companies could send a message to France’s enemies that they’re weak. Francis tries to convince his father to help out but is unsuccessful. Mary has very few options to get help for her country.

Tomás, the Portuguese Prince who is also the illegitimate son of the King of Portugal and the man Greer hopes to marry someday arrives. He sees Mary in a tree, attempting to retrieve a ball that had been caught among the branches and falls in love with her almost instantly, despite her falling out of the tree and crashing on top of him. Tomás wastes no time in declaring his intentions and offers the help of Portugal if Mary will marry him. Mary is not thrilled with the idea since she has feelings for Francis and asks for time to think about it. In a dance sequence, Tomás does a provocative Portuguese dance with her during a ball, drawing the ire of both Greer and Francis. Greer feels Mary is trying to take Tomás away from her while Francis simply wants to know what Mary’s deal is. She explains the situation, and her lack of options, and it’s this confession that prompts Francis to get a bit more inventive around his father. King Henry allows Francis to send the troops after blackmailing him. Mary is thrilled by the news.


Mary talking to Greer.

Mary learns about the soldiers ordered by Henry and happily informs Francis that she would rather have hope of a marriage with him than a certain marriage with anyone else. The following morning, she brings Greer coffee and the two patch things up over what happened with Tomás, with Greer telling her friend that she's okay with a potential marriage with the Portuguese prince. She had only convinced herself that something would happen with him and that she would be the heroine of her family, nothing that could have been realistic. Mary confesses to never having been kissed either and is shocked to learn that Greer had her first kiss since the last time they talked.

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Mary's first kiss

After Bash returns injured, Francis chooses to let go of his emotions to avoid seeing any more people he cares about get hurt. Mary tries to comfort him outside the castle, and in a fit of desperate emotion, Francis kisses her — her first kiss. Francis pulling away and telling her to marry Tomás, since he can’t help her. In essence, the kiss was a goodbye, and although Mary clearly doesn’t want to take Francis’ advice, she really doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter. She accepts Tomás’ proposal, and as the Portuguese ships depart for Scotland, with their flags bearing the dragon, Mary recognizes that Nostradamus’ vision has come to pass.


Mary and the girls watching the archery match.

In Hearts and Minds, while Francis and Tomás are on the archery field competing against one another, Mary's ladies mentioning how much bolder Tomás has been in recent days. Mary gets pulled away by Claude and informed that she's yet to be released from her engagement with Francis. It's been several days, though, and she's begun to grow antsy, even with Claude telling her that getting out of this isn't as easy as she might think. Henry doesn't want anyone to think that France is willing to walk away from an alliance empty-handed and the only way she gets the full brunt of Portugal's support is by appeasing Henry, so for now, Mary is in marital limbo. Tomás ends up winning the competition and takes the pink rose over to Mary where he publicly asks her for her favor. She quickly tries to apologize to Francis for the thoughtless faux pas and he responds by lamenting the fact that they were a single spy away from still being together. But before either of them can linger on what might have been, King Henry announces that Lord Westbrook is the spy that caused the slaughter of the six companies of men.


Mary talking to Queen Catherine.

Mary paces in one of the hallways and has a run-in with Queen Catherine, eager to get rid of the girl who promises to bring death to the castle. However, Mary isn't able to get out of the engagement quite yet, as Henry feels like Scotland was poached; she learns, though, that there is the possibility of her union with Francis being dissolved. Henry and Catherine need someone with an unassailable reputation to put their name to the words of a prostitute named Judith who claims to have seen Simon boasting about his involvement in the slaughter. Judith describes the man as having a fine face, posh clothes, and wearing the English seal around his neck, a heartless man who played games with others. Should Mary agree to put her name along with Judith's words, she will get out of her engagement, though when she does, Simon is sentenced to be beheaded at an upcoming banquet. After the meeting, Nostradamus walks along with Catherine and hears that she's willing to accept what happened with the ambush, even Bash's potentially fatal injuries, because of the fact that it could push Mary out of the castle once and for all.

Frary moment

Only engaged for about an hour, Mary has begun packing for Portugal. She is set to leave in two days and tells her ladies that they have the choice whether or not they'll be coming with her, since they didn't sign up knowing they would be going to Portugal. However, they all agree to stick with her and hope to give her the chance to be with someone that she likes, which kings and queens don't have the luxury of considering. Mary then goes outside and finds Francis practicing his archery and it's not long before the two have their hands on each other, Mary kissing his hand after it begins touching her face. But rather than risk being caught in front of the palace, they agree to meet by the lakeside at sunset. They later meet by lakeside and trying to convince Mary that he heard Tomás was scheming and cruel to his servants; in turn, she says that all royals have rumors spread about them, with people saying that Bash got all the good looks in the royal family and that Francis looks sickly and weak. The two end up passionately kissing again.

Mary makes it back to her room to find Tomás waiting for her. He wants to discuss the rules that he has for her, including that everything in her possession is his and that she has neither freedom of thought nor action while married to him. He also brings out whipping boy Miguel, who he beats on when she questions him and interrupts him. Once he leaves, Aylee tries to convince her that she can't marry this man, but Mary knows that she must because she's a queen.

Mary at the costume ball.

Meanwhile, Mary and her ladies are preparing for that night's costume banquet, the event whose culminating will be the beheading of Lord Westbrook. But Mary is the only one seemingly excited for the event. When she gets back to her room, Mary sees that her chest had fallen from where she left it. She sees that Simon's royal seal was left in there, likely by Clarissa, meaning that there's only a limited amount of time for her to investigate the ambush and determine whether Simon was innocent or not. Mary goes up to Simon at the banquet and discovers that his red seal is slightly different from the official white English seal before Tomás brusquely calls her over and roughly handles her; he lets go when Francis and Bash make their presence known in the room. Mary, Bash, and Francis then decide to go after Miguel, who hates his master, and Judith to see if they can't get either to turn against Tomás, because if they don't and Simon gets wrongly killed by Henry, France will have a war on with England.

Later, Francis, Bash, and Mary bring Miguel, Judith, and Tomás' body to the costume ball. Simon gets freed and a position as English envoy to Portugal for his silence on Tomás' role in the ambush. Simon thanks Mary for acknowledging the mistake, an action that not many royals would be willing to take for fear of retribution/embarrassment. Mary's treaty and engagement will be reinstated, but instead of going along with the previous terms, she uses the fact that Scotland just saved France a lot of embarrassment and staved off war with the increasingly strong English to get France to begin holding up their side of the alliance with Scotland. She manages to get all types of military goods, including men, for her country, in addition to timber and farm land. She receives a visit from Francis that night, later thanking him for all that he did to help prove Simon's innocence. Mary alludes to the fact that maybe his heart is right more often than he knows, as he was the one who pulled back during their lakeside encounter. He tells her that she will make for a true queen one day, though his head and heart still differ on where they stand as of today. Now alone, Mary leaves the seal for Clarissa and tells the "castle ghost" that she hopes she doesn't feel alone any longer. Mary gets into bed and goes to sleep, not knowing that Clarissa is laying underneath the bed and not in the stone passageways.


Mary smiling at Francis.

In A Chill in the Air, at the castle, Mary and Francis are on the best terms they've been on since Mary arrived at the castle, thanks to Scotland's borders being secured. They declare their exclusivity and seal it with a kiss, just in time for the Harvest Festival that afternoon. Once there, Mary spends time with her friends and learns of a tradition where one writes down their regrets, attaches it to the stern of a small handmade ship, and watches as they float away for good. Bash is happy to see Mary so jubilant and in such a good place in comparison to where she was beforehand. Francis shows off the boat he made for Mary, only for their moment to be interrupted when Olivia, Francis' ex-girlfriend, gets escorted into the room. To add insult to injury, Mary learns that the two shared a math tutor, Olivia left only a few months before she arrived, and Francis was the one who ended up broken-hearted.

Mary decides to reach out Olivia for her hand in friendship, introducing herself to the girl and offering her a place with her friends, as well as a dress for the Harvest Festival. Greer doesn't think that Olivia belongs at court after what happened with Francis. Mary takes Olivia into her room to begin the quest for a dress and Olivia mentions that Francis spoke of marrying her and that what they had was true, a relationship full of passion and not built on politics. As Mary's marriage to Francis is not assured yet, Olivia says that she knows that he'll choose to be with her, thereby stunning Mary. Mary learns that Olivia's things have been recovered from the carriage and unpacked in the east end, right before Catherine comes over to her and points out Kenna's new necklace - the same necklace that she was given upon her first anniversary with Henry. She goes on to tell Mary about how you start to notice the signs when your husband gains a mistress, how you know the girls who are more serious and the girls who aren't.

BashMary 105

Mary with Bash.

Mary then confronts Kenna about the necklace and the affair with Henry, which she admits to. However, Henry is in Paris breaking it off with Diane and Catherine doesn't care about affairs since their marriage is more political than romantic, but Mary tries to convey that Kenna doesn't want Catherine de Medici as an enemy. Seeing as how Kenna has an offer to become Henry's official mistress, she proclaims that she only has to answer to him now and not Mary. Mary then finds out that something happened between Francis and Olivia, only Francis stopped it, and she demands that Olivia be sent from the castle immediately. Francis pulls rank and uses his position as future king of France to keep Olivia in the country; Mary, though, refuses to have a relationship like Henry and Catherine. Francis reminds her that if they were like Henry and Catherine, he would have already taken Olivia as a mistress, an opportunity that has already presented itself, and Mary tells him to not let her stop him. She flees outside and finds Bash drinking by the lake. Mary laments that she and Francis could never be just a boy and just a girl because while she's stuck there without recourse, he's allowed to do what he wants when he wants. Bash wonders why he would ever look elsewhere when he has her and she kisses him. She says that she shouldn't have done that and he agrees, states that he should have done it, and kisses her while Francis watches.


Mary with Greer and Lola.

Mary pulls back and expresses regret at the kiss before leaving to the ship launching. Francis is noticeably distant from her and quickly leaves once the ships launch, finding Olivia and walking off with her as Mary watches. Aylee confesses to Mary and Mary expresses that she thinks that Catherine is behind Olivia's reappearance at the castle.

In Chosen, Bash takes Mary and Francis aside and tells them about the pagans and how he has to choose a sacrifice. They realize Mary’s in danger because Bash has become close to her. They take precautions to keep her safe. Mary has been chosen to be sacrificed. Bash isn’t really given any time to make his decision on who to sacrifice. The way the pagans mark Mary is by placing a poisoned stag necklace on her pillow as she sleeps, as well as hanging the head of a dead stag over her bed.

Mary 1x06

Mary talking to the servants

Mary teams with Queen Catherine to ascertain the identity of the mole at court who drugged Mary, slipped into her room, burned her with poison, and left a deer’s head over her bed. No one comes forward when all the servants and subjects are brought before Mary and Catherine, with promises of protection for those who come forward to name names. The truth finally comes out when Francis tells Mary that he’s discovered Bash has taken a thief from the dungeon into the forest. Mary says she doesn’t think Bash would kill anyone, and Francis says that, for her, he’s pretty sure his brother would. Then she starts to tell Francis about the kiss, but he tells her that he knows. Mary tries to apologize, and Francis doesn’t accept.

Sarah, Mary’s maid, reveals herself to be one of the heretics, pulling a knife on her Queen and threatening to kill her as a message to Bash against disobeying them in the future. Luckily, Mary’s guards enter just in time to stop Sarah from inflicting any harm, and Mary, in her mercy, asks for Sarah’s death to be quick before she’s placed on the pyre to burn with her co-conspirator. Unfortunately, these instructions go unheeded, and both Sarah and her accomplice are burned alive, prompting Mary and her ladies-in-waiting to remark that these royals not be the people they thought they were.

Francis recognizes that he doesn’t really have a claim to Mary’s heart. However, he adds that while she’s free to see whomever she wants, he’s pretty much forbidding both she and Bash from being together. He even goes as far as to directly threaten Bash if he doesn’t keep his feelings in check around Mary. Mary is, naturally, devastated.

Normal Reign S01E07 Left Behind 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 0071

Mary and Catherine

In Left Behind, Mary and Catherine are watching as the king’s army is marching from the castle. Mary asks where Bash is, since she cannot see him among the men, and she was under the impression that every able bodied man rides to war with the King. Catherine corrects her, informing Mary that Henry is not riding to war but showing strength when he settles a dispute. She also tells Mary that Bash is probably at the front, riding with Henry. Catherine explains that people need to live harmoniously, and Mary sarcastically asks if she means the two of them. Catherine explains that she means Mary and Olivia, and how understanding Mary has been since Olivia arrives. Catherine says that Francis and Olivia have not been able to keep away from each other, and Mary just stands by and allows it. Defensive, Mary tells Catherine that she and Francis have an understanding. Catherine continues unperturbed, saying Mary continues the alliance while Francis loves another. When Mary tries to tell Catherine that she doesn’t know what is in Francis’ heart, Catherine tells Mary that she knows her son would not bed a girl he didn’t love. And she knows how it feels, making room in her life for Diane, just like Mary is doing for Olivia. Mary storms off, going back into the castle, and Catherine follows moments later.

Francis is playing with his younger brother, Charles, when Mary comes to talk to him about the whole sleeping with Olivia thing. Francis reminds her that they had an agreement, and I’d like to remind him that that ‘agreement’ was largely just him saying how things were going to be. Mary questions the usefulness of the agreement rather than its validity, though, because she really doesn’t see how it’s making them any happier. Neither does Francis, it seems, but he still thinks treating their engagement as a business matter is necessary to keep them both sane.

Reign 6 107

Catherine, Mary, Francis and the count all have a drink to celebrate the Count’s arrival and it becomes immediately obvious that the count is extremely bitter about something. That something turns out to be his son, who he had to ransom back from France after the war. The count now openly states that he’s come for restitution. His son was returned to him, but died on his trip home from an illness contracted during his imprisonment. He has no other children and his wife is dead. Revenge is all he has left. When Catherine suggests waiting for the king to return to discuss the matter, he reveals that he actually waited in the woods for Henry to leave. Now, with most of the men off fighting alongside Henry, his men have taken control of the castle. Later Mary stops the Italian men from raping Kenna, but the man isn’t inclined to listen to her. The count shows up then and Mary asks that she and her Scottish ladies be allowed to stay in her rooms until he’s done negotiating with the French. Initially it seems like he’s inclined to let his men have their fun, but Mary sweet talks him into changing his mind. While in Mary’s room, the girls worry about Greer, who isn’t with them. She comes in soon dressed as a servant and lies that she did it for her protection during the crisis.

Mary pleads with Clarissa to mark a safe passage out of the castle, so that she can get people out. It seems as though Clarissa will comply. Mary goes to Catherine with her plan, and Catherine is unimpressed. Initially this is because the tunnels are dangerous and impossible to navigate, but even when Mary says she knows a safe path she says they can’t all just head for the tunnels without the Italians getting suspicious. She expands on Mary’s plan by saying that it should be carried out during the count’s feast (which Mary had earlier agreed she and her ladies would attend). Francis, who won’t be expected there, can get all the people left in the castle out. Then, they’re all safe, Mary and her ladies can find a reason to excuse themselves. Catherine will be the last to go. Mary doesn’t trust Catherine to be self sacrificing, but Catherine insists she would do anything for her son. Mary agrees to this.

Mary goes to tell Francis about the plan, but he’s not too excited about any plan that involves leaving Mary behind. This isn’t just about getting himself to safety, though, it’s about saving his people and his younger brothers Charles and Henry. Mary says that if they’re going to rule together they need to trust each other to do what is necessary. She trusts that he can lead everyone to safety, and he needs to trust that she can get herself out. He kisses her but they are interrupted by the guard at the door coming in. Catherine and Mary bring Olivia in on the plan and assign her the task of opening the tunnel door, since the entrance to the hidden passage can only be opened from inside. When she hears two knocks she is to let Francis and the people he leads in, and then she is to wait for Mary and her ladies to come and do the same.

At the feast, Mary tells the count her corset is done up too tightly and he allows her and her ladies to go fix it. Olivia has to stay and open the door is because there’s no way in from the outside, she gets scared and runs off. So, when Mary and her friends arrive and knock at the door, nobody answers. Mary and her ladies arrive back, and I suppose Catherine takes that as a sign that none of the plan has worked because she starts begging for the lives of her children. She even goes so far as to offer up Mary and her ladies, saying that they’ll never be able to tell since it would ruin them. The count says the only deal he’d accept to save Catherine’s sons would be his own son back, but it seems like he’s going to go with Catherine’s suggestion about the Scottish ladies anyways.

Reign S01E07 Left Behind 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1658

Mary after killing Vincent.

The count pins Mary to the table, and Catherine distracts him with some trash talk about how his son is dead because of him until her real plan starts to kick in. The count’s men start getting nose bleeds and falling down. The count wonders how they were poisoned when they ate the same food, and Mary guesses correctly that the poison was on the gold Catherine gifted them at the start of the feast. The count draws his sword to attack Catherine, but Mary stabs him in the neck with a fork. He’s still alive enough to sort of raise his sword arm, but Francis arrives in time to cut it off. Mary is extremely shaken by everything that’s just happened, and what she’s just done, so Francis comforts her. Mary asks Catherine why she saved her. If Mary were raped then she wouldn’t be able to marry Francis. Catherine says it’s because Mary risked her life for her son, but Mary realises that’s not it. The pope didn’t really rescue Catherine in time. She saved Mary because it was too similar to what she went through. Catherine responds that the first lesson she ever learnt was not to wait for a man to save you. She also says that “History is written by the survivors, and I am certainly that”. Mary can’t sleep after the night they’ve had, so she’s come to berate Francis for coming back. He kisses her and says he did it because ‘it’s pretty obvious now’ that to stay sane they have to be together.

Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 0270

Henry wants Mary to claim the throne.

In Fated, Mary slept with Francis. Mary and Francis talk about their future together as a couple. A soldier comes in and Mary hides under the covers. They both are informed that the Cardinal is in the castle. They both walk down to the throne room with her ladies-in-waiting. King Henry tells them that the English Queen is dying and that Mary is the next in line fore the English Throne. Henry also informs them that both of them shall be wed. This shocks and excites Mary and Francis. Later on, Mary and Francis go for a walk. They both talk about their surprise marriage. Mary tells Francis she just wants him but she is afraid of war against the English. Francis says he will support her until he dies. Francis then goes down in one knee and asks Mary to marry him. She says yes and they kiss then they run to the castle. Later on, Mary is chatting with her ladies-in-waiting. Mary tells them she will marry Francis tomorrow night. The girls are excited and want to get her ready. Mary goes to visit Catherine and Catherine tells her about Nostradamus' prediction and begs Mary to not marry Francis because he will die for her. Mary goes to see Nostradamus about the prediction and he tells her someone close to her will die. Kenna overhears and gets scared. Mary then goes back to her bedroom with her ladies-in-waiting. They all talk about Nostradamus' prediction. After that Mary goes to see Sebastian about the prediction of the lion will fight the dragon in the field of poppies. Sebastian tells Mary he is the lion and Tomas is the dragon. Mary then goes to see Francis and she lets him know that whatever happens, that she loves him and he points out that he will die for her which is shown dying. This scares Mary that Nostradamus vision was true.

Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1866

Mary leaves France.

Mary makes a decision to leave France and leave Francis. She decides to drop the marriage and go back to Scotland. She tells Catherine, Henry and Francis but Francis stops her and tells her to wait for him. Mary goes to the stables and tries to get a horse. Sebastian comes to her help and tells the guard that he will accompany her. Mary and Sebastian Ride off. Francis although is in the distance yelling for Mary. Mary doesn't dare look back and keeps on riding. Francis is left devastated.

Normal Reign S01E09 For King and Country 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 1263

Mary and Catherine

The midseason premiere, Mary is still fleeing from French Court with Bash. When they both check into a small inn, both of them are discovered by the King's guards. Mary hides under the bed while Bash tries to deal with them. When he is taken away she quickly comes out of hiding to save him. When back at court, Mary is questioned by Francis as to why she left. She blames it on the fact that Aylee died yet he doesn't believe her. She is called to the throne room to talk to the King and Queen. Where they discuss the cover story for why Mary left and her options. After leaving the throne room Mary and Catherine talk in private. Catherine tells Mary to tells Catherine that she must tell Francis about the prophecy predicting his death. Catherine tells her that she must not because he will convince her not to believe it. Francis meets Mary where she tells him about the prophecy. Since Mary must wed the next king of France and Marrying Francis would mean his death. Mary calls a meeting with Henry and Catherine to propose that they legitimise Bash so that she can Marry him. In return she will lay her claim to England and save Francis' life. After she retreats to talk with her ladies to talk about Mary's options. When Kenna tells her that she taught Diane de Poitiers was the one who poisoned Aylee. To make Mary believe in Nostradamus' prophecies causing her to leave Francis. She then confronts Catherine about the matter where she admits she gave the poison to Diane. Catherine tells Mary that she's already told Francis about Mary's plans to marry Bash. So she runs down to the dungeon where she stops Francis from beating up his brother. Later that night she is called down to a secret meeting between her, Bash and Henry where Henry tells them that he has accepted Mary's proposal. Later in the throne room when they tell Catherine, Francis comes in the room and tells her he still loves her. Catherine then comes in Mary's chambers where they agree at what they must do to save Francis. The next morning she and her ladies gather to say goodbye to Catherine. Later on that day she and Bash meet and talk about what's just happened and their future.



In Sacrifice, Mary walks in on Bash and Alec while they were training to fight asking if they were enjoying themselves. She tells him that he must go to the throne room to deal with the people of France. They then enter the throne room. When Isobel is accused of stealing Bash acts strangely then Mary and Lola wonder if he knows her. Straight after she goes to visit Catherine who's locked in a tower. When she sees all the tapestries she's ordered, Mary tells the servants to take everything away as revenge for Catherine's attempt on Bash's life earlier in the throne room. When she talks to Bash, Alec and Isobel in private she learns that Isobel is the daughter Bash's uncle who is a traitor. Yet another attempt by Catherine to stop him from taking the throne and Mary to wed him. When Sebastian tells Mary he'll help his cousin escape, she takes Isobel to her ladies to have her dress and hair changed for a disguise. Before Mary leaves with Alec and Bash to help Isobel escape, Mary tells her ladies that they are in charge of watching Catherine. When they get out of the carriage, Bash tells Mary that his uncle was also a bastard. When they begin to talk about their engagement they realize that the queen's guards are after them so they make the decision to go through the Blood Wood. When night had fallen in the Blood Wood, Mary informs them that Isobel's water has broken. When Mary goes to fetch water outside the tent she realizes that there are Pagan symbols, which she then proceeds to destroy. When she enters the tent and tells everyone that she's torn down the symbols thinking the pagans had marked them for dead. The pagans then circle the tent preparing to kill them when Bash, Alec, and Isobel begin to chant which sends them away. Mary realizes that they are pagans themselves she runs outside the tent where Bash tells her that he himself is not a pagan but his family is. After calming down she delivers Isobel's daughter. The next morning Mary tells Bash that he must prepare himself for the fact that he is going to be the King of Scotland and France one day. When Alec comes out he tells them to come check on Isobel because she isn't well not long after she dies. She and Bash then take Isobel's daughter to a woman who will raise her they then return to court with Isobel's body. They decide to bury her but when Mary bring flowers to her grave Bash tells her that pagans don't do that because the flowers will die and they don't want more death. She asks him what pagans do and he shows her that they bleed on the grave and offer the deceased the thing most vital to them. Mary then takes the knife and does it herself. When he tells her that his duty will be to her, she kisses him.



In Inquisition, Mary with Bash goes along to check on Isobel's baby and see's that the mark on its foot is still there. She tells Bash she made arrangements for Agnes to take the baby to a convent. When Mary's goes to send the baby off to the convent, Catherine interrupts them. She notices the pagan mark on the baby's foot. When Catherine threatens Bash and Mary, Mary tells her that it will be hard to destroy both of them without her head. When Bash and Mary were talking, Greer interrupts them to let them know about the torture that took place on Jean, the wet nurse who took care of the baby. She and Bash leave to meet Agnes before the Medici's get there and take the child. Shortly after they arrived at Agnes' house, they hear the soldiers arrive. They hide as the men search the house and the men leave with the baby. Agnes later tells them that Catherine gave birth to a bastard and they take Agnes to court to testify the information. Later when she's bathing, Catherine comes in and tries to poison her but Clarissa pulls her out from under the water and Bash pulls her out of the bath tub.

In Royal Blood, Mary goes up to Bash to talk to him about his half brothers (Charles and Henry Jr.) and how she wants to take them to something special to get their minds off of things. The three (Mary, Henry and Charles) head off in the woods to go to play. Mary reassures Charles that their mother will be happy if they are happy. Going through the woods, villagers start to attack Mary and the two kids. When Mary gets back into the French Court to talk to Catherine about her daughter Clarissa and Bash being king. Mary finds Bash talking to a man about Charles and Henry Jr. By being attacked on the previous day, Mary and Bash head along with the kids to go to play. Mary and Bash have a talk about the kids being kidnapped back at the French Court. Mary then goes back to Catherine to talk about Charles and Henry Jr. Catherine has a discussion about her sons with Mary overhearing their conversation. In the end, Mary has a discussion with Bash about Charles and Henry Jr.


Mary with her mother.

In Consummation, Mary questions what they are announcing, and Bash tells her there is a royal visitor to Court. Marie de Guise walks into the throne room, noticing the ax and gives Catherine and Henry a look. She tells them that French Court has gone to hell, but not to worry because she is there now. Mary greets her mother. Mary and her mother speak in her chambers, and Marie questions what has been happening in France. Marie sent Mary to wed the next king of France, Francis, to strengthen the alliance between France and Scotland. And she now finds Catherine about to be beheaded, Francis away from Court and Mary engaged to a bastard. Mary tries to discuss Bash, but Marie focuses on Mary throwing everything away for a superstition. Admitting to wanting to speak to her mother about all of this, Mary mentions how long it has been since she has seen Marie. Marie immediately mentions that she visited Mary on her 11th birthday at the convent, even though half the ships crew died along the way, but Marie was still there with a gift in hand. Marie tells Mary of the troubles in Scotland, that the Protestants are trying to take over, so Mary needs to align herself with Catholic France and marry Francis. She does not want Mary to marry someone who might be king someday, when a prince is within her grasp. But, Marie knows Mary is the Queen of Scotland, even though Marie is ruling it while Mary is away.

Rushing into Bash’s rooms, Mary tells him that she remembers her mother like she always was, but Mary now knows what to look for. Marie was lying to her, and she will try to stop the wedding. So Mary tells Bash they need to elope immediately. Greer brings Mary a covering for Mary to wear while she professes her love for Bash in front of the priest. While they are talking to Kenna, Mary notices Lola coming into the castle, followed by Francis. Lola calls out to them as she approaches, embracing Kenna and Greer, but only curtsying to Mary. Left alone, Francis explains to Mary that he is only there to plead for his mother’s life. Once he has accomplished when he return for, he intends to leave again. Mary thinks that he is leaving so people do not think he is trying to get back the throne, but Francis clarifies he doesn’t want people to think he returned for anything that now belongs to his brother.

Later, Mary arrives at the church to see Francis and Bash fighting. When Mary learns that the prophecy has changed, she wants more information. She ignores Bash when he says things between them do not have to change, asking more about the prophecy.

Returning to the castle, Mary barges into Catherine’s rooms and asks about the new information. She is anger, wondering why Nostradamus’ visions have changed and wondering when they will change again. Mary thinks Catherine has a lot to lose, so she is trying to make Mary do what she wants. Catherine smashes a glass on her desk, slitting her wrist. She tells Mary that she is willing to die so the truth will get out. She will have nothing to gain if she is dead, she just wants what is right for Francis. Mary holds a cloth to Catherine’s wrist to stop the bleeding, saying she doesn’t know what to do since she loves both Francis and Bash. A servant interrupts them, saying Henry would like to see them both in the throne room.

Henry tells everyone gathered that there was a messenger from England and the queen is dead. Mary asks if she was named the successor, but Henry says Mary is the next in line by all right. He tells Mary that she will take the English throne, with a French husband at her side. Mary, with conviction that she should have been showing this entire time, tells him she will make decisions for herself and not be bullied by Henry. Greer enters Mary’s rooms to her pacing. When questioning where her mother is, Greer says she is with Henry. Mary thinks Marie is trying to get more out of Henry before Mary weds one of his sons. Before they can discuss who she will marry, Catherine knocks and enters, asking to speak to Mary alone. Catherine tells Mary that a letter has arrived from the Vatican about Bash’s legitimization. If the letter states that Bash will be legitimized, Mary will no longer have any doubts about having a bastard at her side. However, if it denies Bash, then he cannot blame her for returning to Francis to have a king at her side. Mary admits that she is worried, but opens the letter and looks up at Catherine. Catherine tells her she is now free to marry the man that she loves more. Mary goes to Bash and tells him that she cannot marry him. He tells her not to listen to Marie, that they can force the Pope’s hand to make him legitimized. She knows they can, but she cannot continue with him. He wants her to say that she loves him, at least once, which she does. But upon his prompting, she says that she loves Francis more. In the hallway, Mary sees Francis at the other end. She runs towards him, kissing him when she reaches him. He is handed the letter from Catherine (from the Pope), and Francis finds it blank. Mary explains that Catherine allowed Mary to see what is truly in her heart, and Mary realized that it had always been Francis. Francis asks if Mary will marry him, and she says yes. Mary just asks him to protect Bash, to make sure he is not punished for reaching for the throne. Francis tells her that he will make sure he is not punished.

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Mary ready to marry Francis.

Marie holds a pair of earrings to Mary’s ears as Greer assists Mary in getting dressed. She explains that the earrings were a gift from Mary’s father. Before the moment can get too emotional, she tells Mary to give birth to heirs as soon as possible, because sons are what gives Queens their power. Mary meets Francis at the alter, followed by her ladies. They kneel, Francis signing before Mary, who looks back at her nodding mother before she signs herself. Francis and Mary enter the room that the reception is being held and the guests toss flower petals at them. They laugh and dance and begin their lives together happily.

Marie meets with Mary, saying that the English queen is still alive, and Catherine is aware, but Mary should keep the information to herself. Marie thinks Mary needed a little push, and they cannot be blamed for false information. Mary tells Marie to leave Mary alone, to get out of her life, and never to bother her again. She wants Marie to go back and rule Scotland in her absence, and Mary will return when Marie fails or is dead. The consummation of Mary and Francis begins with Mary's ladies and Bash having to watch. Mary makes eye contact with Bash, causing Francis to look up as well. Francis kisses Mary, trying to distract her, which works.

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In Dirty Laundry, Mary is first seen with Francis returning to the French Court from their 2 month honeymoon. When Mary and Francis arrive at the Convent, Catherine hugs Mary. Catherine then calls Mary to give her advice about pregnancy even though Mary isn't pregnant. With a shock, Sebastian appears in Mary's and Francis' room. He tells Mary that they should meet in the place where they first kissed. Mary says no saying that Francis is her husband and its not right. They continue their discussion when Bash leaves. Francis then comes in and Mary questions him if he wanted Bash to die with him telling her it was not him who ordered his guards to kill Bash. The next day, Mary discovers from Kenna that Lola is pregnant and went to go get an abortion. Mary gets help from Bash to stop Lola. When they arrive in time, Mary is devastated to find out that Lola is carrying Francis' child.

In The Darkness, though halfheartedly, Mary continues to support Lola and tries to find her a suitor. However, their friendship is again at stake as Mary blames Lola for the lies she had to tell Francis, being afraid of ruining her own marriage. In a moment of anger, Mary forces Lola to agree to marry a lord named Philip Nardeen that, as revealed, prefers men. Later, Mary apologizes and tells Lola that she can choose herself.

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Greer and Mary

In Monsters, Mary begins to notice that Francis misses Bash but he denies it. She then meets Lord Julien, Greer's fiancée, and gives them her blessing. After the bean is found by Penelope who becomes Queen of the Bean, Mary and Francis go to the hall from hearing a lot of commotion seeing that Bash has returned. Francis believes that Bash came back to win Mary’s hand, and warns her not to let him get close to her again. Mary enters Bash’s cell and tells him she bribed the jailer and a merchant will bring him to a ship that will bring him to Spain. Bash informs her that he is not ready to go to Spain yet and she yells at him, telling him it was a mistake for him to come back to Court and that several people want him dead. He thinks the only person is Francis, and she tells him that he did not try to have Bash murdered but admits that Francis could. Bash ignites a bitter jealousy in Francis, making him a person that Mary barely recognizes and she tells Bash that there is nothing between them, and she is only worried about his welfare. Bash informs Mary of the real reason he is back at Court, saying it is because of a girl he met in the woods. Mary tries to tell Francis that Bash did not come for Mary. Bash agrees, saying he came for the castle resources, to find someone in the woods. Bash tells them that he saw it himself, when Francis doesn’t believe him, and that someone else can corroborate his story, Olivia. Francis and Mary tell Olivia that they thought she escaped and left the country. Olivia admits she escaped the castle, but was caught by heretics. Olivia knows she cannot lead them back to the cave, but she knows it was in a meadow surrounded by fir trees. Bash remembers the place they found Olivia and Francis says he will ready guards. Mary sends Francis to kill the Darkness, warning him to remember who the real enemy is. Mary later hears of Greer's relationship with Leith and goes to support her. Mary pleads on Leith’s behalf to the king. She wishes his sentence be reduced since he did save many lives when the castle was under siege. Henry says Leith has a lot of friends in high places, informing Mary that Castleroy had asked Leith be spared prison time and sent to train in the royal army. Penelope interrupts them, entering the room and exciting Henry. He begins to remove his belt, saying he is pleased to see his queen. Mary attempts to leave, but Henry stops her and asks that she show Penelope how to please a ruler since she already gave her virtue to Francis. Henry plans on watching Mary interact with Penelope, as he watches from the sidelines. Mary thinks he is joking at first, but when she realizes he is serious she asks if he is feeling alright. Henry says he is anointed by God, like she is, as a royal and there can never be anything unwell with a royal. Mary tries to leave with Penelope, who decides to stay and tend to her King. Later, Mary informs Lola that Greer's idea is for Lola to marry Julien. After the party for Penelope, Mary finds Catherine leaving Henry's room and finds out she's been drugged. She tries to help her, calling for the guards. Mary tells Francis that Nostradamus is treating Catherine and she is coming out of the drugged sleep. Francis attempts to go speak to his father, but Mary warns that he is not well. Bash enters the room, saying Henry told him about the solution he came up with. Bash admits it a horror show, but they all have to go through with it, or they will be killed. Mary along with the others watch Kenna and Bash get married.

In Liege Lord, Mary is first seen with Francis at Lola and Julien's wedding. Mary and Francis share a dance but quickly take off talking to one another. They both talk about Henry and how Penelope might have poisoned him. When they both are done dancing Mary claps with excitement after hearing Lord Julien's speech about getting married to Lola. Going over to congratulate Lola, a lady spills some wine on Mary purposely. The lady tells Mary to come outside so they can talk. Mary knows that she is one of Catherine's ladies in waiting. Charlotte tells Mary that she is part of the Flying Squad, a group of Catherine's women who she orders to sleep with important men and obtain important political information. While Charlotte was all well and good with the arrangement before, she had to take a step back when the queen enlisted her to seduce Henry and turn the king's attentions away from Penelope, seeing as how Catherine would be able to control Charlotte much easier than she would Penelope. But Charlotte knows how mad Henry is and she doesn't want to put herself in the position to end up list his past victims, so she's decided to leave France and asks Mary for her assistance. Mary agrees and tells Sebastian to take Charlotte away in his horse carriage. Before she leaves, Charlotte tells Mary about the contract between Scotland and France; how Scotland can go to France if Mary doesn't give birth to a heir before her death. Mary goes to tell Francis about the contract and they soon come up with something. Next day, Mary spots Kenna and tells Kenna to go the King's room to find a contract but Kenna refuses before knowing about her country going into France's hands. While Kenna is searching, Mary waits. After Kenna finds the contract and hands it over to Mary, Mary tells Francis to look at it. They plan a party for the Scottish without telling the Queen. Francis leads Lord Mackenzie's men into where Mary is.

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Mary confronts Catherine

Mary gathers Lord McKenzie and the entirety of his men in a room and asks him about what it was like fighting with her father and whether his heart died along with the former king. She informs them of the clause in her contract and strongly encourages them to tell Lord Hardy, leader of the Protestants, about how little Marie values Scotland. After telling them she would not risk Scotland's freedom and asking them to give up their comfort for the good of the country, the men bow and place their swords of the ground in honor of their queen. While an exhilarated Francis calls Mary her people's liege lord, Mary still shaken by the idea of going from a chess piece to someone with tangible power. When Catherine, on the other hand finds out, she sends her men to kill Mackenzie and his men in return. When Mary finds out she is devastated and knows the only way to save her country is to give birth to a heir.

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Mary and Francis talking about Scotland.

In No Exit, Mary is reunited with her illegitimate half-brother, James. He tells her of the Scots are bristling at a French-born queen installing several French citizens in her government; they feel as if their country is being swallowed whole by their ally and they want Mary to return and at least show them that she's still supporting them. While she wants to make the trip, Francis isn't so sure about it, suggesting that they send diplomats in her place. He believes that France is truly unstable right now and that if things don't go well with the Cardinal, Rome will withdraw their support, thus leaving his country to look weak before the world. This would invite challengers to come and overtake France and as we all know, Henry is in no position to lead a military mission, so Francis argues that they need to lock down Cardinal Morrisini's support before even thinking about leaving for Scotland. However, Mary notes just how much of her life at court has been geared toward bending for France and addressing French problems, so she still wants to go to her country, Francis support or no Francis support. Later, Francis agrees to go to Scotland with Mary.

When Francis hears of a plot that James' footman was ordered to kill Mary so that James could become King of Scotland, he quickly tells Mary of this and she refuses to believe it. Before she can leaves for Scotland, Francis has her thrown in the tower. He says that she'll be there until James leaves and he can assure her safety, but she calls him a liar and accuses him of doing this for his sake rather than the sake of her and her country. If Scotland were to fall while she is locked away, she'll never forgive him.


Mary having a snowball fight with her ladies.

Going into the next episode, Mary is seen having a snowball fight with her ladies-in-waiting. They talk about how Greer will be getting married soon, Lola is pregnant, Kenna is married to Bash, and Mary was locked up in the tower over a month ago. The fun moment is interrupted when Mary finds out that her mother is under siege. She’s furious that Francis didn't let her go and locked her in the tower instead. He tells her they need to send armies to help her mother. She says his father won’t help and he says they will go together to appeal to his mother. They go to Catherine and learn that Elizabeth will be the next queen of England. Henry comes in and says that Mary Tudor is dying but managed to pay the gold to give her crown to a bastard protestant. Henry ranted at Mary and asks if she’s pregnant and calls her useless. Francis gets angry and defends his wife. Mary tells Henry that Scotland protects France on two fronts. She reminds him that her mother is under siege. Henry says that might be a good thing and says Marie wouldn't be under siege if she did a better job. Henry says that the protestant’s want Marie’s head on a pike and tells Mary to be careful or hers will follow. Later, Francis comes into Mary’s chamber and finds her angry that none of her Catholic allies will come to her mother’s aid. Francis says he tried to find help as well but they all ask what the king thinks and they can’t refer to him since he’s gone nuts. Mary is writing to her uncle, the Duke of Guise and Francis cautions her and says he’s dangerously ambitious and has built an army from stolen boys (he’s the guy from the opening of the show). She says she doesn't trust him but that’s not a luxury she can afford.

Catherine tells Mary that she’s invited the devil into their home and says he’s power hungry and dangerous. Mary implies that Catherine is the same. Mary and Francis go to talk to her uncle and Mary admits they need his help with Marie and asks what he wants in repayment. He says he wants a permanent position at court – Lord Magistrate of France – a position that would make him the king’s right hand. Francis reminds him he was sent from court for being too grasping. Christian says he served the king, not challenging him. She tells her uncle she'll she what she can do but deep down knows that Henry will never agree to it. Later, Francis tells Mary that he’s going to Scotland to assure her mother’s safety. He says the Duke will keep him safe to ensure he gets his reward. Mary is thrilled with him and they kiss. Mary lays in bed with Francis and tells him she never meant for him to go to war for her. He tells her he loves her and he says when he returns he hopes there will be more than just her waiting for her – meaning he wants her pregnant and he makes loves to her again as a good measure.

Frary come back...

"Come back to me."

Mary cries as she tells Francis that he’s taking her army and her mother’s last hope with it. She says she will lose her crown and her mother’s head. He tries to say that France can’t defend Scotland without them taking Calais. She accuses him of only thinking of France and he says he doesn't and she says he puts France first. She says she made an awful mistake in marrying him. She says she should have made secret treaties and deals or sneak away from Scotland but didn't because she loves him. He promises to go to Scotland right after Calais and she tells him he has broken many promises to her before. He says it’s not that simple and she says it should be. He asks what that means and he says she doesn't know. She cries and tells him to stop making promises he knows he can’t keep. She also tells him to promise to live through the battle and come back to her. She says she can’t lose him. Lola tells Mary to have faith as she and her ladies watch him leave with the armies. She says her marriage is a problem and says she will have to do what she has to do for Scotland and that he will have to forgive her. They ask what if he doesn't forgive what she does and she says that’s too bad because she has to do what Scotland needs.

While Francis is at war in Higher Ground, Mary begins to go down a dark path. Mary tells Catherine that she’s had a letter from her mother and says she has to escape. Mary says her mother needs money to escape. Catherine says she would help but all of the court’s money is tied up in the war with Calais. Mary tells her she knows she has a cache of money hidden for herself in case she ever has to escape. Mary tells her Catherine and Maria used to be friends. Catherine says there is no money. Mary begs her and Catherine tells her Queens never beg. She says it will make her look weak. Mary returns to her chambers and meets John Preverre, an assassin whom works for her uncle. She tells him she needs him to find Catherine’s secret stash of money. She says she hopes Catherine won’t even know it’s gone. He says he’ll have it in two days and she asks how he’ll do it. She tells him not to spill blood and he says then he may not do it. She qualifies it and says no innocent blood and he says he’ll do his best. He tells her to leave it to him then seemingly vanishes.



Mary finds out that Catherine has been kidnapped and it is up to her on what to decide of what she be done. A servant comes in and delivers something to Mary which was left by the gate. It’s an ear with Catherine’s earring, leaving Mary shocked. Preverre meets with Mary and tells her Catherine is fine. He says he bought the ear from a gravedigger and put Catherine’s earring on it. She tells him the Medici's won’t pay the ransom and he says that’s just a distraction. He also tells her that Catherine thinks she’s responsible and offered him double pay. He says they will get the money from Catherine because he will turn over a scapegoat. He tells her to pick a name, someone this world would be better off without and he’ll bring their head to Catherine. She goes to Bash for help and he agrees to help but she must be sure or her conscience won’t let her rest again.

Mary sees Hortense speaking to the scarred man and Hortense says he’s her guard not Catherine’s and says she just loaned her to her cousin. Mary says she wants to question him and Hortense asks if it’s about the whorehouse massacre. Hortense asks if Catherine put her up to this, she says she wants her out of court so she can’t tempt Henry. Hortense tells her she had nothing to do with the slaughter that Catherine planned. Hortense says she won’t let Mary tell Henry that she did it. Mary decides who Preverre's target will be. Catherine is back at the castle and wants Hortense’s and Mary’s chamber searched for evidence of who really kidnapped her. Mary meets with Preverre. He tells her he has all the money except for his cut. He says he took Hortense’s head quickly and hid her body well. Mary says that Hortense was going to murder Beatrice so she traded one life for another. He tells her it was a pleasure doing business for her. She tells him she wants him to lead a group of men to Scotland to take the gold and get her mother out. He says finding men like him isn't easy. She says she has taken care of it. She introduces him to Hortense’s men that she says now work for her. She tells them to pack their belongings to leave within the hour. Preverre reminds her that those men are monster that killed her countrymen. She says they are but now they are her monsters.


Mary and Francis reunited

In Long Live The King, Mary asks her ladies if they've seen Francis as she continues searching through the crowd. She finally finds him as he comes to her and they kiss as Henry announces that Mary Tudor is dead in England and that she betrayed the Catholic church by naming Protestant Elizabeth as her heir. Henry pulls out his sword and says they will put the rightful Queen on the throne in England, Mary Stuart, and tells the crowd God is on their side. Mary and Francis rush into their bedchamber, shedding his armor and her clothes as they go. He asks if she’s forgiven him for going to Calais instead of Scotland but she says her mother escaped and is safe. He undresses her and tells her he thought about her every night. They fall into bed and make love.

Mary wants to have a lie in but Francis tells her that everyone will be looking to her for action. Francis says that Elizabeth is weak now and his father seems determined to act. She says she doesn’t want to worry about Scotland which her brother is ruling and making an enemy of her cousin Elizabeth. She asks Francis if he’ll stand by her and he agrees. She says she’s thinking of writing her cousin a letter. Later, Mary along with Catherine talk to Francis about the inevitable slaughter that’s coming if they invade England. Their army is weak after the fight with Calais but Henry won’t see reason. Catherine says they have to do something about him. Francis knows what his mother needs to do and says she can’t put his father down like a rabid dog. He offers to take him away on a hunting trip in case he’s being poisoned somehow at the castle. Francis says he needs one last chance to try and break through to him. Mary tells him to do it quickly because they are running out of time. Francis leaves. Catherine tells Mary the time is now and Mary says she would be betraying Francis. Catherine reminds her they need to think like queens to save thousands from a war they cannot win and that she would be giving her crown to Mary if they kill Henry it would save Francis from the burden. Mary agrees it would be a mercy. Catherine says that they’re in agreement and together they will kill the King of France.

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Mary and Catherine plotting.

Mary and Catherine form a plan to kill Henry. Mary suggests that they can get something past his tasters and Catherine says she already tried that. They speculate about a hunting accident. Mary tells Catherine she’s an imaginative murderer and there must be a way. Catherine says they could do it during communion and he takes no guards or tasters. We see something sprinkled on the communion wafers and them delivered to the priest for a private mass. Catherine says if they succeed, she’ll be a widow and Francis will be king. Mary says, "Long live the King." Francis tells Mary that he's convinced Henry to back off his plans to invade. He says saw reason and his sanity is returning. She looks stricken and he asks what she’s done. He comes to see Catherine to plead with her to stop it but Henry is already at his private mass.

Catherine says she got to the priest in time and there was no poison waiting on Henry. Mary asks who sent the assassin but Catherine doesn’t know. She says the Duke of Guise has benefited. Catherine thinks the Duke has spies and knew of the plot. They decide he’s playing both sides because if Henry dies, he gets to work with Francis and if not, he benefits from warning Henry about the assassin. Catherine says that when they called off the poisoning, the Duke sent the knife man so Henry would believe him. Catherine says the trouble is now that Henry is on alert, will only listen to the Duke of Guise and they won’t be able to get at him again – she says he’s untouchable now. Mary tells Francis that they had to make a move and he says she promised to wait. She tells him she’s sorry but he says she would do it again. Francis tells her that when she wanted to relinquish England, he stood by her but then she didn’t stand by him. She says she and Catherine were trying to spare him and says she was doing the right thing for France and was doing what rulers should do. He shakes her and asks who she’s becoming.

The season finale, Henry summons everyone into the courtyard in the middle of the night and informs them that he knows one of them, one of his friends and/or family members, wanted to have him killed. He draws his sword and kills Lord Bellamy. Mary meets with her husband and Catherine to discuss their options. Since it's too late for an assassination, the idea of a coup gets brought up, though that could be deadly if it doesn't work and dangerous if it does. They come to the decision to contact the generals that Henry dismissed, keying in on the ones who have the men to help overthrow Henry. Their plan should get Henry imprisoned for the rest of his life and neutralize the danger he poses to France. Later, Henry invites Mary to the naval spectacle which will be held in the afternoon.

Mary 1x22

Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Henry, and Catherine get the seats of honor at the spectacle, which should feature two ships full of the surviving Caillas soldiers igniting fireworks and putting on a display for the crowd. However, the cannons end up being fired at Henry's behest and one ship gets destroyed, killing the 100 men inside. Afterward, Catherine tells Mary that Henry wants an annulment and that she saw the way he was acting toward her at the spectacle; she then says that Henry wants to give his daughter-in-law an heir himself, implying that he would be willing to kill Francis to get the job done. Mary tries to convince her uncle to join the coup and help oust Henry while they still have a chance. But the Duke surprises her when he suggests that she, not Francis, emerge as the French leader following the coup, since Francis leading the country would remind the masses too much of Henry and could cause his reign to be short-lived. Later, Mary making an entrance wearing the English coat of arms, a clear sign that she's ready to lay claim to the English throne and challenge Elizabeth for the crown. The crowd goes wild seeing the future ruler embrace her power, but the English envoys in the crowd scurry away, off to tell Elizabeth about the challenge to her title.

After Henry's death, Mary feels a part of herself dying and the tender heart she once held dearly hardening by the day. As the two agree to be more honest with one another going forward, trekking the same path rather than going it alone, Mary receives Lola's letter and tells Francis that the baby is his, sending him forth at once. When she goes to gather help, though, Catherine and Nostradamus inform her of the plague's existence in the city and how the castle is going on lockdown until it ran its course. Mary manages to make it to Francis before he leaves, but he still wants to help Lola and rides out regardless of what his wife says. Mary can't help but watch helplessly as the distance grows between herself and her husband.

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