Mary and Aylee
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General Information

Aylary, Marlee

Intimacy Level

Close Friends, Like sisters


Close Friends

First Met


Portrayed By

Adelaide Kane and Jenessa Grant

The relationship between Mary and Aylee. They are very close friends who have known each other since their childhood. Aylee was Mary's lady in waiting.

Season OneEdit

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In the Pilot, Mary and her ladies in waiting Kenna, Greer, Aylee, and Lola embrace in a hug and Greer tells the others that they are here to help Mary win the heart of Francis for alliances can shift. The girls spend time together, getting dressed up and putting on makeup. Mary helps Aylee with her makeup and then the ladies decide to tour the castle and Mary tells them she will join them later. At the wedding, Mary and her ladies take to the dance floor to dance after the dance of the married couple, thus liven up the party. When the wedding ends, Mary, Aylee, and the other girls follow Elisabeth and Philip to see their wedding night.

In Kissed, Aylee and Mary are discussing the proposal in Mary’s rooms. Aylee questions what Mary’s uncle thinks, but Mary has not told anyone yet. Aylee asks if it is because Mary doesn’t want to let Francis go yet, and Mary says she admires Francis. She also is worried about Greer’s feelings, and Aylee mentions that a crowned prince would never marry Greer because he is not titled or from nobility. Mary comforts Aylee when Nostradamus tells her that she will never go home.

In Hearts and Minds, Aylee is speaking to Mary and Greer about Mary and Tomas' wedding. Mary soon leaves and comes back to Aylee and Greer. Later in Mary's chambers, Mary plans to leave for Portugal, and Aylee asks her if she wants her and Lola, Greer, and Kenna to come with her to Portugal. They insist, but Mary tells them she doesn't have that luxury. Later, When Mary and her ladies go back to Mary's chambers, Tomas is there with his whipping boy, Miguel, and after he leaves, Aylee begs for Mary to not marry Tomas. Then later at the ball, Aylee and the ladies are waiting for Francis to return to prove Simon Westbrook innocent, and Aylee asks where Mary is at.

In A Chill in the Air, Queen Catherine blackmails Aylee whom tooks something of Mary's. Aylee is to bring Mary and Marie's letters to Catherine. Aylee later informs Mary of this.

Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1544

Mary crying over Aylee's death.

In Fated, Kenna was having a drink and Aylee asks if she could have it. Kenna agrees and hands it to her. The drink that Aylee had was a poison meant for Kenna, who was made by Catherine and given to Diane to give it to her. While walking down the hall, she was constantly coughing and before heading downstairs, she is pushed down by the castle ghost. Mary tried to help Aylee, whom was dying on the floor in a puddle of blood. Mary was horrified as she watched her friend die and then she spotted Nostradamus watching and called him the devil before running off. She is seen crying as she is devestated over the loss of Aylee.

In For King and Country, Mary is still grieving for Aylee's death and can't think straight, so she begins doubting whether or not to marry Francis.

In Safe Passage, Mary talks to Bash about how she misses and lost all of her ladies, with the first one being Aylee.


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