Mary and Francis' Coronation
Frary Coronation
General Information
  • Mary and Francis crowned Queen & King of France

Catherine de' Medici: What are you doing out here? There's a party inside to celebrate the new King.

Stéphane Narcisse: And Queen.
Catherine: Her too.

The Coronation of the new King of France, Francis II and his wife, the Queen Consort, Mary, Queen of Scots, occurred during Season Two in the episode Coronation.

During The EventEdit

There are celebrations and festivities going on to celebrate the upcoming coronation of Francis and Mary. In the midst of preparing for this happy time, Francis and Mary are dealing with the issue of the grain shortage that is plaguing the lands and people resulting in widespread starvation.

Finally the long awaited event arrives, as Francis and Mary lead a procession into the throne room. Francis tells Mary that this day is not just the crowning of a King, but of a King and his Queen, as she takes his hand.

Francis and Mary stand before the Archbishop and Francis kneels first as the royal crown is placed on his head, then he is given the scepter and orb: the two symbols of power of a Monarch. The crowd shouts: LONG LIVE THE KING, and Catherine watches proudly as her son takes his place on the throne. Then it is Mary's turn as she kneels and a pearl encrusted crown is placed on her head, she takes her place on the other throne as the crowd shouts: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Then apparently there is great dancing and feasting to celebrate the new King and Queen Consort of France.


  • The newly crowned King and Queen Consort of France
  • Queen Mother Catherine & Lord Narcisse watch the coronation
  • Preparing to crown a new Queen
  • Mary being crowned as Queen Consort of France
  • Dauphin Francis being crowned King Francis II of France

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