Mother Superior
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  • Alive
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You must leave immediately. This was an assassination attempt. You were nearly poisoned.
Mother Superior to Mary in Pilot
Mother Superior is the head nun at the convent in which Mary Stuart grew up in.

She made her first and only appearance in the Pilot and is portrayed by Eleanor Methven.

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, she is at the Convent were Mary Stuart was kept as a child for safety with all the other nuns. After one of the nuns was poisoned at dinner because she was Mary's taster. Mother superior escorts Mary to be dressed before leaving the convent telling her it was an assassination attempt. When Mary is weary about returning to court mother superior comforts her before sending her off in a carriage.


Mother superior is a very religious and strong woman. She is also very caring taking care of Mary since she was a young girl and comforting her when she was in need.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mother superior is an elderly woman probably in her late fifties. She has blue eyes and covers her hair with a head covering typical of nuns. She also wears the traditional clothing for nuns with a large wooden cross hanging around her neck.


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