Nathaniel Middleton
Nathaniel Middleton3
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Nathaniel Middleton




March 13, 1989





Nathaniel Middleton is an Australian actor who portrayed Christophe in Season Three of Reign.

Early LifeEdit

Nathaniel Middleton (March 13 1989) is an Australian actor mostly known for his role of Sean Rogers in the series The Lifeguard. In January 2014, the pilot of the hardest thing I have ever done received light by Teen Channel Australia, thus becoming the new series of the actor.


In November 2009, Nathaniel gets his first role as an actor, is chosen for a small role in the film Under The Lake, the same although it is North American production was filmed in Australia. Nathaniel plays there Martin Novak, a student who goes to the beach with friends and rent a yacht, during the trip are attacked by sharks, and Martin is the only one who can get out alive and is rescued by Sean Novak, the film character played by Ian Ziering. Martin reappears shortly after giving a statement at the police station and being harassed by journalists at the exit.


Year Title Role Notes
2010 Under The Lake Martin Novak Secondary Role Debut,
2011 Wolf Bundle Handsome Sheriff Secondary Role
2012 - 2013 The Lifeguard Sean Rogers Protagonist, 66 episodes
2013 The Climb Kevin Krauser Co-Protagonist
2013 The Lifeguard: Ending Sean Rogers Protagonist
2014 - Presente The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done Eric Snyder Protagonist
2014 Sean Kindred Matthew Johnson Main Cast, 22 Episodes
2014 Electro Peter Parker Main Cast, Miniseries
2015 Electro: Evil Nation 3D Peter Parker Co-Protagonist
2015 Give It 2 U: Round Two Brian Secondary Role




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