Olivia and Nostradamus
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Nostralivia (Nostradamus & Olivia)

Intimacy Level

Kissed, Slept Together


Friends, Love Interests

First Met

Possibly in A Chill in the Air

Portrayed By

Rossif Sutherland and Yael Grobglas

I'm so sorry. This is why you dedicate your life to saving others. You must know, you saved me.

The relationship between Nostradamus and Olivia.

Season One Edit

It is unknown if they've met during Olivia's first stay at the French Court. The two have officially met and first interacted on-screen in Dirty Laundry when Bash brought a disoriented and unstable Olivia to Nostradamus for treatment.

In The Darkness, Olivia becomes mentally stable again. She opens to Nostradamus and tells him what has happened to her ever since she left the court, in Left Behind, how she was lost in the woods, found by some peasants, then given to the The Darkness to be fed on. Later Olivia finds some dresses prepared for her, at which Nostradamus adds that she should rejoin the society, which she does the following episode, Monsters.

In Monsters, Nostradamus checks on Olivia and finds an unusual wound which isn't healing. Inside the wound, he finds a tooth, a human tooth altered to look like a fang. She also tries rejoining the society at the party for the Queen of the Bean event. They meet and Olivia asks Nostradamus to dance with her, but he refuses and leaves. Later, she meets him again on a balcony and they talk. He explains that the last one he danced with was his wife. He had a nice life with her wife and their children, but they all died when they were hit by plague, Nostradamus being immune somehow. Olivia comforts him and they kiss.

In No Exit, Nostradamus tells Caterine he is moving to trinidad with olivia.


Olivia: You are skilled with medicine, healings, it's like some kind of magic.
Nostradamus: No. Not magic. Science, perhaps, if I'm doing it right.
Olivia: I like watching you measuring, mixing.
Nostradamus: You look very pretty. I wasn't expecting to see you here tonight.
Olivia: I'm feeling better. Perhaps it is time to rejoin society as you said.
Nostradamus: The last person I danced with was my wife -- I was married once. I had little children.. so young, so sweet. In the mornings, when I wake up, sometimes, I'm still there, lying in that bed with my wife beside me; the little ones whispering, laughing.. When the plague came, I alone was immune. I couldn't save them.
Olivia: I'm so sorry. This is why you dedicate your life to saving others. You must know, you saved me.



  • They shared a kiss in Monsters.
  • Nostradamus encouraged Olivia to rejoin the living.