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Pagans are people who practice the minor religion of Paganism, they are often referred to as heretics as well as Pagans. There are two variations of Paganism there is the light kind that worships nature and multiple deities. The is also a darker and more malicious type referred to as the Blood Cult, who make human sacrifices and worship a the Darkness. There is a stigma of being evil attached to being Pagan due to the Catholics misunderstanding of their practices, mostly due to the Blood Cult.


Regular PagansEdit

Blood Cult PagansEdit


  • Pagan Necklace: When the Blood Cult Pagans were circling their tent Bash used a small necklace and with the pendant of a Pagan symbol. To indicate to the Blood Cult that they were also Pagans, too ward them off.
  • Deer Horns: Horns of a deer and also the head have been a repeated pattern throughout the Pagan religion. Indicating that it is most likely sacred or a deity.


  • Keeping your soul in the home of a loved one: It is a practise that pagans keep an egg shaped container with attached rope inside, representing their soul into the home of their lover. It was shown when Catherine found Diane's "soul" in Henry's chamber.
  • Animal Sacrifice: Diane mentioned that the Paganism she practised didn't perform human sacrifices but instead animal ones.
  • Funeral: At a Pagan funeral they don't put flowers on the grave of the deceased. Because flowers will die and they do not wish to surround the dead with more death. They also spill their blood on the grave. Because they owe their bodies and lives to the earth, pagans give thanks with what is most vital to us.


  • Diane's "Soul"
  • Diane's "Soul"
  • Pagan Necklace

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