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Paris is the capital and largest city in France. It appears solely in the episode Royal Blood, it is mentioned in various episodes however.


  • Maurice Bicett


  • Lola, goes to the Burgundy House to pay off her brothers gambling debt so that he may leave.
  • Francis, makes a stop at the Burgundy House when he leaves French Court. After he's told that Bash will be legitimized and wed Mary.
  • Fredrick, goes to the Burgundy House to gamble and is eventually stuck there since he can't pay his debt.
  • Olivia, before Pilot she goes to stay with her fiancee.
  • Diane de Poitiers, goes to shop in Paris.

Season OneEdit

In A Chill in the Air##, Olivia returns from Paris after her engagement to a noble was broken off because they learnt that she's lost her virtue.

In Hearts and Minds, Henry II tells Kenna that Diane has gone to Paris to shop.

In Royal Blood, Lola goes to help her brother Fredrick pay his debt to Maurice. When the debt is raised and Lola can no longer afford the price Francis pays it for her and they spend the night together.

In The Consummation, Marie tells Mary that later on they will have another wedding celebration at the church of Notre Dame is Paris for all of France to celebrate their wedding.


  • The Elffel Tower located in Paris, France.

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