Party For Scots
Reign117 0565
General Information
  • Spring of 1558
  • Mary to make a deal with Lord McKenzie in secret

The Party For Scots is a party that Mary threw so she could invite all the Scottish people who were close to French Court at the time so that she could meet with Lord McKenzie in secret and make a deal with him.

During The EventEdit

When Mary discovers a secret clause in her marriage contract stating that if she dies without an heir, Scotland would belong to France. She and Francis come up with a plan to force Catherine and Henry II to burn the contract. Not to draw suspicion she throws a party were she can meet with Lord McKenzie in private.

At the party Mary is first joined by katherine who complains as to the fact that Mary invited so many Scots. Mary tells her its for diplomacy and she doesn't want her countrymen to think France has all of her attention. When the topic of Charlotte disappearing comes up, Mary lies to Catherine and tells her she has no idea were she went. Even tough Mary is the one who helped her escape in exchange for information. Mary then joins Francis concerned that Catherine will find out about their plan, Francis reassures her that she's probably only annoyed at the fact that they invited every Scot within a hundred miles of French Court. They invited so many to hide their interest in only one of these Scots, Lord McKenzie. As Mary and Francis are still talking Catherine walks up to "Queen" Penelope where she insults her. After she turns around she is joined by Liam who believes her to be the "Queen's" lady-in-waiting. Catherine goes along with it.

Later Francis approaches Lord McKenzie and tells that his Queen wishes to have a word with him. Then Lord McKenzie and his men are escorted into a small room by Mary and Francis. Mary tells them about the secret clause in her marriage contract. She tells them to take the news with them home and tell the world and Lord Hardy, the leader of the protestants who oppose Marie de Guise. After she makes her case as to why they should do it. Lord McKenzie lowers his sword and he is followed by his men who do the same. They bow, Lord McKenzie kisses Mary's hand and tells her they've waited a long time for her to rise.



  • It is at this event in which Mary Stuart rises as queen.

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