The peerage of France formed the upper echelon of the French nobility. At the time of King Francis II, the following nobles bore the title of peer:

1. Antoine of Bourbon, King of Navarre, Duke of Vendome

2. Jeanne of Albret, Queen of Navarre, Duchess of Albret and Countess of Foix

3. Francis of Cleves, Duke of Nevers, Count of Eu

4. Francis of Lorraine, Duke of Guise

5. Louise of Bourbon, Duchess of Montpensier

6. Louis of Bourbon, Duke of Montpensier, son of preceding

7. Claude of Lorraine, Duke of Aumale

8. Marguerite of France, Duchess of Berry

9. Anne of Montmorency, Duke of Montmorency

Antoine, as peer, prince of the blood and king consort, could easily claim precedence over the other peers. However, the other princes of the blood were at loggerheads with the peers in disputes for precedence. It was only in 1576 that the princes of the blood became supreme over the peers.

Royal dukes Edit

The ducal titles of Orleans, Angouleme, Anjou and Alencon were associated with the royal family, and were often given to the younger sons or brothers of the Kings of France.

During the lifetime of Francis, only his next younger brother Charles held the title of duke, as Duke of Orleans. The younger brothers, Henry and Hercules (later renamed Francis), were untitled until after Francis' death. Henry was eventually created Duke of Anjou, while Hercules was created Duke of Alencon. When Henry became king as Henry III, Alencon was created Duke of Anjou.

Ahistorical titles in Reign Edit

Duke of Anjou, mentioned in Liege Lord: Kenna expressed her wish of being married to the Duke of Anjou. At this time period, there is no Duke of Anjou, and if there is, it would have been granted to a close member of the royal family, a rank too high for Kenna to expect.

Duke of Toulouse, mentioned in Extreme Measures: Constance, an acquaintance of Charles, is said to be the daughter of the Duke of Toulouse. The Count of Toulouse was one of the original twelve peers of France. The title merged into the crown in the 13th century. It was re-created only by the time of Louis XIV, under the Bourbons. It was never created as a duchy.

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