Philip and Elisabeth's Wedding
Normal reign101-1727
General Information
  • Summer/Fall 1557
  • The union of France and Spain

Mary's arrival now upstages our daughter's wedding.

The wedding of Philip and Elisabeth occurred during Season One in the episode Pilot. The wedding between King Philip II and Elisabeth is to hold an alliance between France and Spain.

During the EventEdit

At first Mary is at the wedding when she is approached by Colin who is observed by a jealous Lola. When Colin hands Mary a glass of wine she is reminded that she was told by Clarissa not to drink the wine so she puts the cup down. When Mary sees that Lola is disappointed she takes Lola, Kenna, Greer and Aylee to the dance floor where they dance around in a circle. While dancing Mary is observed by both Sebastian and Francis. She shares a glance with Bash when Francis turns around to see his fiancée and brother looking at each other there is a hint of jealousy. When feathers begin to fall from the ceiling Mary has a flashback of her and Francis playing with feathers as children she quickly looks at him and they share a glance. Mary is then quickly joined by her ladies-in-waiting to which Kenna expresses her curiosity about the consummation. She convinced the girls to sneak into a joining room where they could watch Philip II and Elisabeth consummate their marriage. Afterwards, Lola runs off to look for Colin, Kenna finds her way to a secluded stair case where she runs into King Henry, and Mary goes off to talk to Francis. Later that night Colin entered Mary's room in attempt to rape her, and take her virtue which would make her unfit to be the future Queen of France.


  • Historically, Phillip and Elisabeth were married by proxy on June 22, 1559 at the Notre Dame Cathedral
    • Their actual wedding ceremony took place on February 2, 1560 in Guadalajara, Spain.
  • Historically Phillip was 32 and Elisabeth was only 14 at the time of their wedding.
    • Phillip was so enchanted by his new Queen, that he soon gave up his mistress.
    • The happy couple had 5 children of whom 2 daughters lived to adulthood.
  • Historically, Phillip was deeply in love with Elisabeth and when she died he mourned for almost a year before even considering another bride.
  • Historically at the time of Elisabeth's death, the pair had been married for 9 years and 4 months.


  • Elisabeth and Philip Dance
  • Mary and Colin Talk
  • A Jealous Lola watches Mary and Colin
  • Colin kissing Mary's hand
  • Mary almost drinking the wine
  • Mary takes the girls to dance
  • Francis watching them going to dance
  • Diane and Henry watch the people dancing
  • Catherine watches Mary dancing and says "We're overrun by Scots"
  • Mary and her ladies-in-waiting dancing
  • Bash watches Mary
  • Mary looks back at Bash
  • A jealous Francis looks over his brother
  • Feathers fall from the ceiling
  • Mary looks up before the flashback
  • Francis looks up before the flashback
  • Flashback of young Mary
  • Mary glances at Francis
  • Francis glances at Mary
  • Phillip and Elisabeth leave to consummate their marriage
  • Mary is joined by the ladies-in-waiting
  • The girls watch the consummation
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • Elisabeth getting ready
  • The Consummation
  • The Consummation
  • The Consummation
  • The Consummation
  • The Consummation
  • The Consummation
  • The Consummation
  • The Consummation
  • Phillip reassuring his bride
  • Elisabeth and Philip at the bedding ceremony
  • Kenna rushes off
  • Kenna and Henry
  • Mary and Francis talk
  • Colin attempts to rape Mary

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