Philipe Nardin
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  • Count
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  • Alive
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  • Unnamed father
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The security of my position demands a wife and heir.
Philipe Nardin to Lola in The Darkness

Philipe Nardin is a rich count whom Mary and Francis met when they were on their honeymoon in Paris. Thinking Philipe and Lola would be a good match Mary invited him to the First Light Banquet. There are rumours around France that he is gay.

Philipe is portrayed by Norwegian actor Thor Knai.

Season OneEdit

In The Darkness, he attends the first light banquet when Mary points at him to show Lola the suitor she's chosen for her. Lola goes over and introduces herself to Philipe. Later they go for a walk and Philipe tells Lola that he likes her. When she tells him he's very direct he says its because of his situation. That the security of his position demands a wife and heir. She jokingly replies "how romantic" he tells her that he would be if there would be better circumstances. That his father is threatening his inheritance if he does not do so within the year. He tells her that she's beautiful and hands her a candle. She tells him that he'll have to look in her window to see if the flame of love burns. Later that night she does light the candle but when she learns that Philipe has an interest in men so she breaks the courtship.


Philipe is a charming and kind man, seeing as he is able to make Lola believe he has a romantic interest in her when he's really interested in men. He is also humorous, enjoying Lola's jokes about how romantic he is.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Philipe is an attractive man in his late to early thirties with long dirty blonde hair for a man, a scruffy beard and blue eyes.




  • He is the first gay character to appear on the show.

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