Pierre Valent
Biographical Information
  • Lord
  • Catholicism
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Poison
Killed By
Relationship Information
  • Unnamed family
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Pierre Valent is a lord who makes an appearence in The Plague.

Season TwoEdit

In The Plague, Éduard Narcisse came to Queens Mary and Catherine, demanding that Valent be killed, by being placed conspicuously among those infected, for sleeping frequently with his wife. Eventually, Valent and his family fled to their chambers to be isolated when a noble caught the plague in the gallery. When Mary continued to refuse to have him killed, Éduard took matters into his own hands and had him and the rest of his household poisoned through their water, along with another noble who had been staying with them: Yvette Castleroy, whose family was old friends with his own.

In Drawn and Quartered, it was revealed that Éduard was in fact not even married and that he was acting in his father's stead. It is also revealed that Stéphane Narcisse wanted him dead because he and Valent were in league together for pocketing money meant for the Vatican and, to guard this secret, had together killed Cardinal Morosini. Racked with guilt, Valent, requested an audience with the new king, Francis, in order to inform him. Before he could do so, he managed to confess his sin with the priest, Father Lucien, who would later inform Mary after his death.


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