Pilot is the first episode of Season One and first episode of the series overall. It attracted 1.98 million viewers on the original airing.


DANGER AND INTRIGUE LURK AROUND EVERY DARK CASTLE CORNER IN THIS STORY OF A YOUNG, MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS -- After spending a childhood safely hidden away in a monastery, a teenage Mary Stuart arrives in France where she has been sent to secure Scotland's strategic alliance by formalizing her arranged engagement to the French King's dashing son, Prince Francis. Further complicating things is Bash, Francis' handsome, roguish half-brother and Francis' mother, Queen Catherine. When the strong-willed Queen learns of a prophecy that marriage to Mary will cost Francis his life, she is determined to save her son, no matter how many others have to pay with their lives.


After an attempt on her life, Mary, Queen of Scotland, is sent from the convent she'd been in since age nine, to France. She is sent under the pretense of being better acquainted with the Dauphin of France, Francis. He, meanwhile, strikes up conversation with his parents on the Scottish Queen, remarking that last he saw her she had 'skinny legs, a missing tooth and strong opinions.' To which King Henry replies 'surely the adult tooth has grown in, and you can ignore the opinions.' He spoke pointedly at Catherine, establishing a situation of marital discord. The lady Mary arrives within the hour, ecstatic at the prospect of being reunited with those whom she's not seen in several years. She is reunited with her Ladies-In-Waiting the moment she arrives. The group consists of Greer Norwood, a lady of no official titles, hoping to make her way in a world that looks down so poorly upon people of her social standing,Kenna a vivacious girl, daughter of Scottish nobles who looks only for excitement, Lola often referred to as 'the strongest' of Mary's ladies, and finally, Aylee, who's family owns the lower half of Scotland. After a warm greeting, Mary asks her ladies who the woman beside the King is, wondering aloud whether that is the queen. Greer responds,informing her that the lady is in fact Diane de Poitiers, the Kings mistress. The lady Catherine makes her appearance by standing directly in front of Diane, obviously slighting the King and his Mistress. Francis himself is expected to stand beside his mother, yet instead walks up to Mary, causing her nervousness, which leads to her rambling on. Francis walks her up to greet his parents, and things appear to be far more proper and formal. Mary and her ladies leave,apparently going to get dressed for Elisabeth, The Princess and a sister of Francis. The girls decide to walk around the castle,but Mary tells them she will catch up with them later. Mary interrupts Francis and discovers his hobby of making knives and swords. Mary charms Francis with her own accomplishments, informing him that she can milk a goat and cut peat. Good skills to know, Francis informs her,amused, in case there’s ever an uprising in France they’d have to do something to get by. She is quick to respond that she’d take him back to Scotland and he could rule with her there. Francis hopes he’ll never have to take Mary up on that. Mary ventures outside and sits by a lake with her dog, gathering stones. Her dog begins barking toward the woods, and Mary silences him. She then gathers up her things and heads back to Francis, to give him the stones to decorate his sword. When she arrives at his rooms, however, Francis is less than happy to see her and says that in the future she needs to remember to be announced. Mary becomes irritated with Francis, and asks him what is wrong, and whether or not he’s alone, and he simply tells her that Kings do not answer to their wives.

While outside, her dog, Stirling, runs off into the woods and as she tries to get him, Sebastian stops her and tells her to never go into those woods. They share a moment and he tells her he will get her dog back. Before the wedding, someone of the French Court in the walls warns Mary to dance, but not drink at the celebration. Mary follows the mysterious voice’s orders and does not drink the wine. Mary, Lola, Greer, Kenna, and Aylee begin to dance and have fun. While dancing both Bash and Francis catch her eye as they watch her.

Colin comes to her room late at night to rape her, thinking that she is knocked out from the wine and hoping to make her unfit to marry Prince Francis. Mary wakes up and is able to scream for help. The next morning Mary’s ladies-in-waiting are discussing what happened, when Lola says that he was forced by other people to try to harm her and that he didn’t want to. Mary tells Lola that she believes that Colin didn’t mean to harm her, and goes to speak with The King and Queen of France to see if Colin can be released. Her plea is unsuccessful though. The King had uncovered a plot by the English to have Mary raped, which would then make her unsuitable to marry the Prince of France, or any other royal – or noble, for that matter, man. As punishment, Colin was immediately executed, much to Mary and Lola’s dismay.

Lola immediately blamed Mary for Colin’s death, and the two had a falling out. As Mary leaves her friends, she runs into Bash – who has returned with her dog. Mary thanks him profusely, and then retires to her rooms. As Bash turns to walk away he is met by his mother, who asks him where he found the dog. Bash explains that he found the dog in the woods, and that it was drawn to the blood.

Later, Mary and Francis run in to each other and Francis accuses Mary of intentionally trying to marr her reputation by getting back at him by sleeping with Colin. Mary, of course, denies it but reminds Francis that they may not even be getting married and that he doesn’t even want to. After a heated discussion the two almost kiss before Francis turns away.


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  • Philip and Elisabeth's Wedding takes place.
  • Mary was reunited with Francis and her Ladies-In-Waiting.
  • Mary tries to bond with Francis in this episode.
  • Colin is thought to have been killed in this episode.
  • Mary gains a new friend, Bash.
  • Nostradamus tells Catherine for the first time that Mary's presence will cost her, her firstborn.
  • This episode has the biggest amount of viewers than any other.

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