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Poison is an art and the essence of art is surprise.

Poisons are substances that cause disturbances to organisms, usually by chemical reaction or other activity on the molecular scale, when a sufficient quantity is absorbed by an organism. Potions are a liquid with healing, magical, or poisonous properties. Catherine has a large collection of poisons and potions and is very adept at using them. Nostradamus also has a collection of potions that he uses on several occasions.

Season One Edit

In Pilot, Mary Stuart's taster is poisoned with an unidentified type, meant for Mary. It cause her to bleed out of her orifices and foam from the mouth, resulting in her death within a matter of minutes; however the English were responsible for her death not Catherine. Before her daughter's wedding Catherine has Nostradamus create a potion that will help Elisabeth bear sons.

In Kissed, Nostradamus makes a potion for the Queen to help her sleep after she discovers a mark for death in her bed.

In Chosen, when Mary wakes up to find a stag's head over her bed. She accuses Queen Catherine who takes a cup from Mary's table and after smelling it she tells her and Francis that the cup contains poppy.

In Left Behind, When the castle is taken under siege by a group of Italian men, Catherine poisons the gold. When they touched it within a matter of minutes they all began to bleed from their orifices and fell to the ground dead.

In Fated, Catherine mixed poppy and tested it on a bird before using it. She then gave poppy to Diane to use on Kenna. It was however accidentally ingested by Aylee instead, resulting in her death. It caused her to be greatly disorientated.

In Inquisition, Catherine is given a poisonous seed by her cousins to kill herself, instead of having to be executed for adultery and further disgrace the family. Instead of taking it however she decides to go to Mary's bathroom and dumps poison in the tub when Mary was inside. The poisons causes coughing and a hard time breathing before both Catherine and Mary faint.

In Dirty Laundry, Catherine gives Mary various potions intended to help her and Francis conceive a child, and Nostradamus uses his potions to treat Olivia after she is attacked by the darkness in the woods.

In Monsters, Nostradamus saves Queen Catherine's life with a potion after she collapses in Mary's arms following being poisoned by Henry & Penelope.

Types Used Edit

Note: most poisons haven't been identified

  • Poppy - It causes death
  • Poison Sumac - It causes burns and a rash

Gallery Edit

  • Poppy
  • Catherine mixing poison
  • Effects of poison


Trivia Edit

  • Poppy smells like sage.
  • Catherine can smell poppy from a mile away.

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