Robert Norwood
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  • Alive
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I may sound harsh but it's for your own good. You can't afford to lose another suitor.
Robert to Greer in Toy Soldiers

Robert Norwood is the father of Greer Castleroy, Ainsley Norwood, Colleen Norwood, Ellen Norwood, and one other girl. He arrived at French Court to discuss Greer's dowry and wedding contract. He is the owner of his family mine in Kinross. This mine has brought his family great wealth until they recently dried up.

He is portrayed by Canadian actor, Ari Cohen.

Robert is a member of the House of Norwood.

Season OneEdit

In Toy Soldiers, He arrived in France with the intention to finalize Greer's wedding contract and discuss her dowry with Lord Castleroy. He also brought his two other daughters so Greer could introduce them to some suitors. After introductions with Lord Castleroy he learns that Castleroy doesn't desire a dowry but only his permission to marry Greer. Castleroy also offered to pay for all of Greer's dowry so that they can find a suitable husband.


Robert is a confident and proud man who has a hard time admitting the current failure of his mines. He is a very strict father to his daughters treating them unlike family. He is very persistent in making sure they find good husbands and don't shame the family since they aren't titled.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Robert is an older man presumably in his mid to late thirties or early forties. He has dark brown hair and a scruffy beard that is also greying. He has brown eyes and pale skin. Since he is a man of wealth he dresses in quite high class clothing.


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