Roman de' Medici
Biographical Information
  • Noble
  • Catholicism
  • Alive
Relationship Information
Portrayed By
  • Matthew MacFadzean
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Roman de' Medici is an Italian nobleman and cousin to Catherine de' Medici.

He makes his first and only appearance in Higher Ground and is portrayed by Canadian actor Matthew MacFadzean.

Roman is a member of the House of Medici.

Season OneEdit

In Higher Ground, Arrives at court for trading purposes and is greeted lovingly by his cousin. He later joins Mary and Hortenza to show them that Catherine's ear was dropped off at the castle gate. Later Catherine accuses him of knowing more than he was saying about her kidnapping but he denies the allegations as he had no part in it. Later that night he goes to Catherine's chambers to tell her that Hortenza was penniless and kidnapped Catherine to get ransom. He listens to Catherine's beliefs that she taught it was Mary.


Roman is a quiet man he often let his cousin Hortenza take the spotlight in conversations. He also stands by his and his families beliefs of not paying off kidnappers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Roman is a strawberry blonde man in his forties. With brown eyes and fair skin, he is fairly tall for a man. He dresses in nobility status clothing although not as intricate as other Medici's.

Roman shares his characteristics with his cousin, Catherine de' Medici. It seems they both do not possess some of the Medici traits: Light/dark brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.


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