Rowan and Carrick's House
General Information



Blood Wood, France

Rowan and Carrick's House is the home in which Rowan, Carrick and the rest of their family resides in. It is located within a pagan village inside the Blood Wood.



Season OneEdit

In Dirty Laundry, Rowan brings Bash to her home to stay with her family after he almost destroyed her bear trap. When they arrive she introduces him to her brother Carrick. Not long after Olivia creeps out of the bushes looking hurt, when they take a closer look Carrick and Rowan notice she's been fed on by the Darkness.

In The Darkness, When Rowan and Bash are saying goodbye, they walk out the door and there is a line of blood on the front door. Rowan realises that her family has been chosen and one of them is to be sacrificed to the darkness. Bash not accepting this fate for them boards up the windows before going inside. Once indoors Rowan gives him a cup of tea to knock him out so he won't try to fight the darkness. When he wakes up the darkness enters, Rowan looks in its eyes and the darkness takes her away.


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