Saint Nicholas Feast
Normal Reign209-1296
General Information
  • Winter 1559
  • Celebrate and Honor St. Nicholas

The Saint Nicholas Feast is a holiday in December in which gifts are given among people to honor the saint whom did them dame. Its also a very religious holiday due to the fact that it is honoring a Saint. The event took place in Acts of War.

During The EventEdit

Mary and her ladies arrive at the celebration with gifts to give to the servant children. To which Catherine and Narcisse find progressive and distasteful from a distance. Narcisse then brings up Mary's plan to have Claude marry Condé, and his attempt to marry her himself to which Catherine reacts with displeasure. Meanwhile Mary, Lola and Kenna also discuss the matter of Claude and Condé's engagement, when all of a sudden Mary gets an uneasy feeling that the castle is too quiet. Soon after Mary leaves the two, Greer tells Castleroy that she is considering converting to Protestantism which overwhelms him with joy.

Meanwhile a group of Protestants break into the castle. Just as Mary tells Condé she wants to announce his engagement to Claude. He asks if they should wait for Francis to return in case he was to change his mind on the matter. Then Mary proceeds to announce the engagement to everyone at court.


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