A list of minor characters from Season One that don't have enough sufficient information to have their own pages.


Queen's Emissary Michelle Read Pilot
Black robed Bishop Joe Taylor Pilot
Guard #1 Anthony Ulc Snakes in the Garden
Magera Da'Beth (servant) Rayisa Kondracki Snakes in the Garden
Male Servant Michael Bradley Snakes in the Garden
Robert (Queen's guard) Eric Frank Snakes in the Garden
Guard #3 Thomas Mitchell Snakes in the Garden
Queen's Attendant Anne Green Snakes in the Garden
Noble Sara Sue Vallee Snakes in the Garden
Boy Daniel Kerr Kissed
Cook Joe Bostick Kissed
Court Lady Lauren Vandenbrook Kissed
N/A Angela Vint Hearts and Minds
N/A Edsson Morales Hearts and Minds
Theresa Allison Dawn Doiron A Chill in the Air
Carriage Driver Richard Alan Campbell A Chill in the Air
Young Man AJ Vaage A Chill in the Air
Older Vendor John Blackwood A Chill in the Air
Castle Guard M. John Kennedy A Chill in the Air
Guard #1 Andy Trithardt A Chill in the Air
Guard #2 Anthony Ulc A Chill in the Air
Older Male Servant Charles Seminerio A Chill in the Air
Young Man AJ Vaage Chosen
King Henry's Guard Allan Cooke Chosen
Robert Thomas Mitchell Chosen
Jailer Anthony Ulc Chosen
Samson Christopher Redman Chosen
Odette Zoe Cleland Chosen
Catherine's Servant Michael Bradley Chosen
Blood Priest Wayne Ward Chosen
Italian Lieutenant Rogan Christopher Left Behind
Servant Girl Claudia Jurt Left Behind
Bruno John Stead Left Behind
Governess Kathy Glassford Left Behind
Page Chris George Fated
Stairway Servant Olivia Gudaniec Fated
Mary's Servant Edie Inksetter For King and Country
Captain Jeffrey Wetsch For King and Country
Farmer Michael Dyson Sacrifice
Complaining Man Brian Frank Sacrifice
Smiling Villager Deborah Tennant Sacrifice
Tower Door Guard Eli Ham Sacrifice
Jerome James Stratton Sacrifice
Majordomo Brian Paul Inquisition
Shaving Guard Craig Snoyer Inquisition
Maurice Evan Buliung Royal Blood
Odette Zoe Cleland Royal Blood
Male Servant Michael Bradley Royal Blood
Guard #1 Andy Trithardt Royal Blood
Peasant #1 Benjamin Clost Royal Blood
Tower Guard #2 Ian Matthews Royal Blood
Player Rob Wierzbicki Royal Blood
Oliver Daniel Matmor Royal Blood
Bearded Man Torquil Colbo Royal Blood
Wagon Driver Peter Windrem Royal Blood
Guard #4 Anthony Ulc Royal Blood
Guard #3 Allan Cook Royal Blood
Salon Girl #1 Dani Barker Royal Blood
King's Guard Christopher Cordell The Consummation
Henry's Advisor Stephen Farrell The Consummation
Singing Girl Samantha Helt The Consummation
Servant Girl Edie Inksetter The Consummation
Dancer Sarah Murphy-Dyson The Consummation
Courtesan Kimberly-Sue Murray The Consummation
Father Leduc Andrew Gillies Dirty Laundry
Female Servant Edie Inksetter Dirty Laundry
Cosette Aislinn Paul Dirty Laundry
Midwife Marilla Wex Dirty Laundry
Gaston Jaiden Cannatelli The Darkness
Servant Girl Brittany Johnson The Darkness
Dancer #1 De Bernardi Justin The Darkness
Marquis Duveaux Matt Baram Monsters
Servant Ali Chappell Monsters
Guard Eli Ham Monsters
Crying Servant Claudia Jurt Monsters
Dancer Sarah Murphy-Dyson Monsters
Servant Michelle Roy Monsters
N/A Katie Buitendyk Liege Lord
Young Scottish Victim Aidan Greene Liege Lord
Dancer Sarah Murphy-Dyson Liege Lord
Guard Jeffrey Wetsch Liege Lord
Porter Garrett Hnatiuk No Exit
Dancer Sidney Leeder No Exit
Dancer Sarah Murphy-Dyson No Exit
Servant Michelle Roy No Exit
Martin David Knoll Toy Soldiers
Yves Dylan Trowbridge Higher Ground
Guard Zach Apostoleris Long Live The King
Pretty Servant Girl Katherine Barrell Long Live The King
Benjamin Spencer Robson Long Live The King
Priest M.E. Lewis Long Live The King
Altar Boy Massimo Fraschetti Long Live The King
Beefy Guard Max White Long Live The King
Lord Montgomery Andrew Church Slaughter of Innocence
Attending Noble Kevin Dennis Slaughter of Innocence
Constance Tara Nicodemo Slaughter of Innocence
Servant Girl Ashley Ross Slaughter of Innocence
Military Official Ivan Sherry Slaughter of Innocence
Praetorian Guard Reg Taylor Slaughter of Innocence

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