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Biographical Information
  • Master of Horse and Hunt
  • King's Deputy
  • Baron
  • Bastard
  • Catholicism (practicing)
  • Paganism (by blood)
  • Alive
Relationship Information

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This marriage is no longer something that happened to me. You are what I want.
Bash to Kenna in Long Live The King

Sebastian (a.k.a Bash), King's Deputy (French: Sébastien) is one of the male leads of Reign. He is the illegitimate son of the King of France, and his favorite mistress Diane de Poitiers. He is also the half-brother to Francis II, Elisabeth, Claude, Charles, Henry III, Henrietta, and Emone. Despite this, he is still his father's favorite. After a prophecy that predicts Francis' death if he were to wed Mary, Mary tells King Henry she will only claim the English throne if she was married to Bash. The process of legitimizing Bash to become the next heir, King of France and husband to Mary begins. Slowly, Bash and Mary fall in love and become quite close. When Francis returned to the French Court at news that the prophecy has changed, Mary chose to be with Francis and Bash lost the right to the throne. After Mary leaving him, he is exiled from court and set to leave for Spain. Instead, remains behind to investigate the Darkness. Later he is forced to wed Kenna by Henry even though it is revealed later he is still in love with Mary

After losing Rowan, a young woman he had a small romance with, he makes it his mission to hunt down and kill the Darkness, a creature that feeds off of humans eventually killing them. He vows to rid of the Darkness so that all citizens are safe from the monstrosity. He later finds a young boy named Pascal out in the Blood Wood who was one of the victims of the Darkness. He along with Kenna decide to take the child in. With the help of Nostradamus, he manages to defeat the Darkness once and for all however the Plague is unleashed, endangering everyone's lives. After the Black Plague ends, Bash sees the ghost of a young girl he met earlier and she warns him that the Reckoning will begin. 

Bash is a member of the House of Poitiers.

He is portrayed by the Canadian actor, Torrance Coombs.

Early LifeEdit

As the King's illegitimate and favorite son, Bash was allowed to do more than his half-brother Francis could, because there was no fear of him dying since he would never be King. Bash's mother has a pagan history and his knowledge of paganism and his family ties to it are mentioned throughout the series. 

Throughout ReignEdit


69933 Bash


He is warm and comforting toward people he cares about or even people he's recently met, as he is always comforting Mary and helping his half-brother, Francis. He also shows kindness to people he doesn't know well like the kindness shown to Lola in Hearts and Minds. In love, he is very devoted, putting the people he cares for first above all. 

His relationship with his half-brother Francis, has grown weary but he always manages to always have Francis' back. He also cares deeply for Mary but knows he can never have her as she is Francis' wife. He is understanding of Kenna and vowed to protect her because she is his wife. He eventually falls in love with her. He is quite humorous, often poking fun or making jokes; Mary described him as being cheeky yet he is capable of being serious if he wanted. He is very confident in himself and his abilities but feels like he has to constantly prove himself because of his illegitimate birth. Bash also has a deep sense of responsibility.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sebastian is "gorgeous" as mentioned by Kenna in the Pilot episode, and he has shaggy, straight, dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He has an oval-shaped face with a pale skin tone, and he is tall and slim. As for facial hair, he usually has stubble and is not always fresh and proper.

He has worn different types of clothing appropriate for the time period. While waiting on news for his legitimization, he dresses as a member of higher class with fancier clothing. He used to dress more casual by wearing a loose shirt instead of an intricate jacket.



Bash and Kenna

Kenna: At first, Bash gave Kenna advice on how to win his father over. After a year, he was forced by his father to marry Kenna. Neither of them were particularly happy about the marriage but as Bash learned that Kenna was afraid of Henry, he swore to always protect her and they started off as friends. As time went by they soon realized their trust and loyalty for each other and declared their love in the season finale. (See Kenna and Sebastian.)

Normal Reign S01E13 The Consummation 1080p kissthemgoodbye net 0483

Mary and Bash

Mary Stuart: Mary is Sebastian's ex-fiance and half-sister-in-law. They first met when Mary returned to court engaged to his half brother Francis. They began as close friends Mary would often turn to Bash for comfort, especially when she was being neglected by Francis. To save Francis' life they eventually became engaged and planned to have Bash be legitimized. They spent some happy time together, although hectic because of all the plots against Bash. When Mary was then given the choice between the two brothers again she told Bash she loved him but loved Francis more. Mary then wed his brother, while Bash' gather forced him to watch their consummation and then banished him from court. They have since resumed a friendlier bond between the two. (See Mary and Sebastian.)

Re114a 0044b-jpg-faed3490-t3

Rowan and Bash

Rowan: Rowan and Sebastian had a temporary and short-lived fling. They first met in the Blood Wood after Bash had been exiled from court by his father. When he almost fell into one of Rowan's bore traps they got to know each other and she brought him back to her house. He stayed with her and her family for a few days were they grew closer. When Bash was about to leave a bit reluctantly they noticed a pagan mark on the door or Rowan's house. Indicating that her family had been marked for sacrifice. Bash then decides to stay and protect her, which he ultimately fails at and Rowan is taken away by the Darkness.

Reign S01E22 mkv1894

Bash and Francis

Francis: Bash has a strong bond with his younger half-brother, Francis. He has always looked out for Francis through the chaos in the French Court. They grew up together and did things together as brothers. Bash taught Francis how to fight and hunt. They always spend time together when politics aren't at rise. Bash has always been the one person Francis could always depend on to be there for him. When Mary comes in, that puts a little bit of a strain on their relationship as well. Francis has told Bash that they can tell each other anything, they're brothers and to never lie to him again. However, after Bash and Mary kiss, Francis loses all respect and trust for his brother. The bond between brothers is further torn as Mary is forced to choose between the brothers when she must wed the next King of France. She chooses Francis and Bash leaves the French Court. After encountering the Darkness in the woods, Bash returns to the French Court for help which reunites the brothers. A unexpected event happens with Bash saving Francis' life and healing the bond between the brothers. There is deep love between them that will never go away. (See Francis and Sebastian.)

Normal Reign S01E08 Fated 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE 1594

Diane and Bash

Diane de Poitiers: Bash and Diane have always had a complicated relationship. Diane is always suggesting higher opportunities for Bash but he clearly denies for the love of his step brothers and his father. Though it may seem that Bash does not deeply care for Diane, that is not true. These two share a very friendly, loyal and honest mother and son relationship. Diane has always wanted best for her son and that will never change regarding their appearances together. (See Diane and Sebastian.)

Consummation 46 Sebastian n King Henry

Henry and Bash

Henry II: Although Sebastian is a bastard, he was always Henry's preferred son. until midway trough season one both of them always got along well since their was no competition between them because Bash isn't his heir. However when Bash tried to be legitimized and wed Mary to protect his brother but failed. Thus almost risking Henry England he exiled Bash. When Bash returned from exile his father didn't give him a warm welcome. Instead forced him to wed Kenna to solve two problems. Although he let Bash return to court his father was already spiraling into madness and they never really reconciled their relationship. (See Henry and Sebastian.)


Nostradamus and Bash

Nostradamus: Sebastian and Nostradamus have been allies throughout the series. Nostradamus is the only other person who really knows a lot about the Pagans. Sebastian often turns to Nostradamus for help or advice. He is also a strong believer in Nostradamus' ability to predict the future. He confided in him for help when he was hunting after the darkness.


Bash and the Darkness

The Darkness: The Darkness was Sebastian's greatest enemy. Although they had never met, Sebastian had made it his mission to find and stop the Darkness. Especially after the Darkness took away Rowan whom he had feelings for. Although most people believed the Darkness to be a pagan deity, Bash always believed him to be just a man. They first met when the Darkness broke into his home and tried to take away Pascal and attack Bash's wife, Kenna. They then fought and the Darkness was killed, that concluded Bash' quest to defeat him.

Catherine de' Medici: Catherine is Sebastian's step mother. She has always detested Bash because he was the child of her husband and his mistress Diane who is also Catherine's enemy. Although Bash never did anything to her they didn't get along well because of that reason. When Bash tried to become legitimized Catherine repeatedly tried to have him killed or ruined and Bash eventually, with the help of Mary found dirt on her. They don't really have much interaction since Sebastian has returned to court.



  • Sebastian is a masculine given name that derives from the Latin name Sebastianus which meant "from Sebaste". Sebaste was the name a town in Asia Minor, its name deriving from Greek σεβαστος (sebastos) "venerable" (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors).


  • He is the only main character not based on a real person.
  • King Henry II only acknowledged one male illegitimate son who was only given a small title, due to the fact that at the time it was considered foolish to do so for it encouraged successions wars. (See Henry for more details.)
  • He was engaged to Mary until she decided to marry Francis.
  • In Left Behind his mother planned to legitimize him and used Mary as an influence to make him agree.
  • There are internet rumors Bash is based on Bastian Pagez, one of Mary's most loyal servants. This is not true.
  • His cousin Isobel is a pagan along with his mother.
  • Bash may find a lady at court. [1]
  • He got a title, Master of Horse and Hunt in Monsters. It is said by Kenna that Henry made it up
  • He was part of an incestuous relationship with Claude his half-sister.
  • Bash disowned his mother after finding out that she was responsible for the deaths of Henry and Catherine's twins.


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