Siege of Calais
Normal reign120-0983
General Information
  • Winter/Spring 1558
  • France taking back Calais from the English

The Siege of Calais occurred in the episode Higher Ground. The French had lost Calais to the English during a war many years ago. When Francis learns that his father Henry II is determined to get Calais back from the English, he tells his father that their armies would never be able to defeat the English as they are. Francis then makes a deal with Christian de Guise to use his army in the attack with Francis' army coming from one way and the duke's from the other.

During the EventEdit

Francis arrives at the French Outpost near Calais to discuss with the men residing it it about his plans to siege Calais. They take him for a fool until he convinces him they can do it. When they are on there way to the English line, they are attacked by a group of soldiers. When fighting Francis is nearly killed when a soldier expectantly lunges towards him as he was turning around. It's then when Leith stabs the man trough the chest, Francis tells him that he's in his debt.

When they finally arrive at Calais, they first observe the English's actions to determine what course to take. Francis suggests shooting an arrow at their cannons and the rest of the men run in different directions. When they execute the plan, they succeed and cheer in joy. They realize that Leith is no where to be seen. Francis finds him severely injured. After taking Calais, the soldiers all return to French Court.


Trivia Edit

  • Historically the Siege of Calais took place January 1-8, 1558 in Calais France.
  • France's victory in this episode is historically true also.

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