Siege of French Court
Normal reign0221-1629
General Information
  • The attempted takeover of French Court

The Siege of French Court, occurred during Season Two in the episode, The Siege

During the Event Edit

In The Siege, Prince Conde plans to take French Court by force, kill the King, and make himself King of France in order to secure his own marriage/alliance with Queen Elizabeth I. When Francis learns of Conde's plans, he orders the Royal family to seek safe refuge elsewhere, until the war is over; everyone leaves but Catherine, Mary, Bash and Kenna who stay to help Francis save his throne.

Bash is worried about the impending attack on the castle since the French do not have enough men, while Conde has thousands of men under his command including General Renaude, and other soldiers who joined the English. To solve this problem, Francis sends messengers to Spain, with requests asking his sister and brother in law for an army to help defend the French throne.

Mary leaves the castle but is she ambushed and captured by Louis' men; however she escapes and returns to the castle where she warns Francis of what happened, and what Louis is planning. That night thousands of English soldiers and Conde's men are camped in front of the castle, and Conde demands to meet with Francis one on one; however when they meet Conde tries to get Francis to surrender by telling him that his Spanish armies will never arrive to help since the messengers are dead, and if he surrenders then Mary will live. Francis refuses to surrender saying that he is the King of France and Conde responds with plans to attack at dawn.

At first daylight, the battle breaks out inside the castle courtyard. The French quickly gain the upper hand against General Renaude and the English, and in the end Bash captures the General who is quickly imprisoned.

Gallery Edit

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