Simon and Mary
Mary and Simon2
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Snakes in the Garden

You suprise me.
Simon to Mary

The relationship between Mary and Simon.

Season OneEdit

When the British arrive at French court, and Mary is suspicious of their motives--especially British court member Simon Westbrook, who reveals to Mary that the British were behind the poisoning at her old convent.

When a maid puts on one of her gowns she finds out it's posioned and runs for the guards. When she comes back with them she discovers she was gone. Later on Mary discovers that the maid escaped through a passageway. When she follows it through she discovers Simon with the maid from earlier.

She accuses Simon of staging the woman’s poisoning to terrorize her and tells him that she isn’t scared, because she’s used to the English terrorizing her. She tells Simon that she knows that the English are afraid that she will become Queen of England. Mary also hypothesizes that Simon and the English have Queen Catherine’s support in their endeavor to terrorize her out of France, but he says if he had her support it would make it much easier for her.

When Simon was falsely accused, Mary is the one who figured out that he wasn't to blame for Bash stabbing, as everyone originally thought. Mary helped prove that Simon didn't do it, saving his life.


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