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Sofie Uretsky is a Canadian actress who played the role of Alice in the mid-season premiere of Reign, season 3, entitled "Succession".

Career Edit

Sofie began acting as at 4 in Vancouver, BC. She moved to Toronto in 2000, signed with Vanderwerff Talent, and has continued to act ever since. In 2015, she landed a role on Igor Drljaca's "The Waiting Room", which premiered at TIFF. Since then, Sofie has continued to book larger roles in the upcoming series' Coming Distractions (on which she is an ensemble lead), 2nd Generation, and Walking on Sunshine. She also recently shot sci-fi feature Grim Trigger.

Filmography Edit

Film Edit

  • Grim Trigger (2017) - Samantha Bulmer - Dir. Nicholas Humphries
  • The Waiting Room (2015) - Make-up (Installation) - Dir. Igor Drljaca
  • Reign The Feature (2015) - Beth - Dir. Corey Misquita
  • Bully Fighters (2014) - Evelyn Lee - Dir. Jupiter Makins
  • Clinch (2014) - Megan Ewing - Dir. Darcy Smith
  • Sam's Formalwear (2013) - Shannon Parrish - Dir. Yael Staav
  • Naughty or Nice (2013) - Erin - Dir. Jessica Gilbert

Television Edit

  • Coming Distractions (2017) - Sunny - Dir. Mikelle Virey
  • 2nd Generation (2017) - Jackie Johnson - Dir. Mikelle Virey
  • Walking on Sunshine (2017) - April - Dir. Kevin Barton
  • Reign (2016) - Alice - Dir. Charles Binamé
  • Caillou (2009-2010) - Clementine - Dir. Larry Jacobs
  • The Line (2009) - Tonya - Dir. Gail Harvey
  • Independent Lens (2004) - Lisa - Dir. Matthew Miller and Ezra Krybus

Trivia Edit

  • Sofie has been with her current agent for 17 years
  • She voiced the role of Clementine on the PBS Kids show, Caillou

Gallery Edit

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