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Stirling (Stuart ?)
Type Dog
Breed Scottish-Deer Hound
Owner(s) Mary Stuart
Status Alive
From Scotland

Stirling (possibly Sterling) is Mary Stuart's 4 year old Scottish-Deer Hound. Stirling was first featured in Pilot. Frida Hughes, a rescue lurcher from Ireland, portrayed Stirlingin the pilot. When filming moved to Canada she was replaced by two deerhounds.



Season OneEdit

In Pilot While outside, Stirling, runs off into the woods and as Mary tries to get him. Sebastian stops her and tells her to never go into those woods (Blood Wood). Sebastian then tells Mary that he will get her dog back safe.

Season TwoEdit

Stirling returned in Sins of the Past.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Since Stirling is a Scottish-Deer Hound (or Dear Hound) he will usually have gray fur and and brown/black eyes. His tail seems to be big and bushy.

In the Pilot episode, he is shown to not wear a collar. ↓

Maybe since in the early days they might not have those type of styles or in need of those.



Mary StuartEdit

Owner. Mary loves Stirling a lot as it is known on the episode Pilot when he gone missing.


Told Mary Stuart that he will find Stirling.


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