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The Red Knights are an anarchist group of rebels who want revenge against Queen Catherine, because of an incident that occurred many years ago when she was Queen of France.

Background Edit

Years ago when Henry and Catherine were King and Queen; they had among their soldiers a group of 13 knights who served them valiantly and faithfully. At some point these knights were falsely accused of demon worship, swiftly executed, and their heads were put on display; however this was not the real reason for the knights' deaths.

Henry and Catherine apparently borrowed money from these knights and could not afford to pay them back, so Henry ordered them executed and their heads put on pikes though his Queen strongly suggested doing this in a more quiet manner. The Queen went along with Henry's idea, because she was his wife, and also the heads on pikes would strike fear into their subjects; and the couple knew that no one would dare to question the actions of the King and Queen of France. However Catherine ordered the heads to be taken down before the sun came up.

The Red Knights have returned to France bent on getting revenge on not just Catherine but her children also, so she proceeds to do whatever she must in order to protect what she loves most.

Season Three Edit

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