The Summoner
Normal reign203 1055
Biographical Information
  • Summoner of ghosts
  • Alive
Portrayed By
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The Summoner is a man who summons and communicates to the dead for their loved ones entertainment. He is one of the performers who set up shop in the Tent City. He made his first and only appearance in Coronation.

He is portrayed by Romano Orzari.

Season TwoEdit

In Coronation, he is one of the performers who sets up a tent in the Tent City, during Mary and Francis' Coronation. He's first seen shouting at everyone outside to be quiet because the dead don't shout.

He's later enlisted by Francis to see if Caroline is really possessed by Henry II or just faking it. When he summons if there are any spirits however, she becomes possessed by Henry and the summoner is ushered out by Francis.


Being that he is a prophet of sorts he definitely believes in the supernatural and that he has the ability to communicate with the dead.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The summoner is a man presumably in his forties. Whom has short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He always wears a long black robe.



  • He is one of only two with supernatural abilities.

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