Thor Knai
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General Information
Full Name
  • Torbjørn Knai
  • Tromsø, Norway
  • June 22, 1984
Social Media

Thor Knai is a Norwegian film and television actor who portrayed Philipe Nardin in the first season of Reign.


Thor Knai was born Torbjorn Knai 22nd of June 1984 in Tromso;, Norway. His dad was in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and his mom an entrepreneur. When he was 15, his mother found a casting call for a mini-series (Ansur, 1999). Thor landed a supporting part and this became his first encounter with showbiz. He later played lead in a high school cabaret which was awarded "Best high school cabaret of the year". Thor graduated Nesbru High School with an International Baccalaureate Diploma spring 2003, with the highest amount of extra curricular activity hours, mainly from acting related endeavor.

After finishing high school Thor went on to join the Royal Norwegian Army for a mandatory year. He became Squad leader in a Storm platoon (mechanized infantry unit) and during this year he signed up to take part in the NATO, ISAF-7 (international security assistance force) peacekeeping mission to Kabul, Afghanistan.

After completing the tour in Afghanistan he went on to pursue his dream and was admitted to the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Los Angeles for a one year acting conservatory program set to begin September 2005. During his brief stay in Norway before leaving for LA, Thor auditioned for, and got a part in a big Norwegian reality show called "Filmstjerne" (Moviestar) after out-performing thousands of other actors Thor was eventually voted off the show by the judges just in time to make his planned departure to Hollywood. He graduated the program spring '06. Thor has since been granted permanent residency, known as a "greencard" on the basis of exceptional ability and continues to live and work in Los Angeles, California.



Year Title Role
2007 Kubisten Frustrated Client
28 Slices Later Austyn
2008 Late Night Burrito Place Gap Guy 3
MARy Drunken Teen
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People Sharp's Party Celebrity
2009 He's Such a Girl Chicago Investment Banker
The Intruders Todd
Firsts N/A
2010 Lights Out Jason
2011 Sebastian Justin
2013 The Perfect Boyfriend Aiden


Year Title Role
1999 Ansur Inner Circle Member
2007 Hotel Cæsar Offended Guest
2008 Greek Hot Lifeguard
2009 Bones Delta Unit Commander
Deadliest Warrior French Knight / Viking Warrior
The Lair Dennis
2010 True Jackson, VP Brad D'Impala
2012 Awake Svengali69
2013 Ultimate Soldier Challenge FSK
2014 Reign Philipe Nardin
2010-2014 The Bay Matthew Johnson / Nurse Matthew Johnson



  • Wrote for "Girls", a popular teen magazine published monthly in Norway and Denmark, answering questions about boys and love between 2007-2009.
  • Worked as at a Shell gas station, in telemarketing, and as a nail-designer in his teens, stating that there are worse things a teen can do than get paid to hold hands with women.
  • Received a Greencard as an "Artist of Extraordinary Ability" (EB-1) early 2011 to live and work permanently in the US.
  • Served 7 months in Afghanistan as part of the Norwegian NATO forces in Kabul, 2005.
  • Knai is from "Knja-vin" and means "river bend by fertile plain" in old Norse. The name is more than 1000 years old, even predating the Vikings. Old Norwegian myths tell of the Sorcerer of Knai and how he learned his mystic arts from "Huldra", an evil woodland nymph, who later had a child by him... The original Knai settlement is still in use today and open to the public.

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