Who is ready for the Season Two premiere of Reign?? We are! Nostradamus predicted that you will have a ton of fun making this splendid Reign-inspired "banquet" for your friends at your very own premiere party. Enjoy these recipes inspired by the show!

October is finally upon us, so cook up this comforting Scottish soup as an appetizer. In the last season, it was implied that Mary might go back to Scotland. In honor of her Scottish heritage, make this Potato Leek Soup.


One of the early episodes of Season Two is called The Lamb & The Slaughter. In honor of this upcoming episode, prepare a roasted leg of lamb. You could even use goat since there have been many references to goats in the past season.


Partake in the tradition of the kings. Slice up this cake and whomever finds the bean (or prize) inside gets to be "queen for the day" (or rather, the Bean Queen)!


Serve this cocktail to your guests! The characters in Reign sure do love their red wine. This punch features a fine bottle of red wine in addition to some sliced up fruit. I think "bloody" is also Reign-appropriate after the last season finale!

Which recipe is your favorite?

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Do you have any tasty Reign themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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