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  • Bogi05

    Story: 8/10 It was a great episode again. What I especially liked was the vagrants-line, anyway, I think they should spend more time on the vagrants and Clarissa. I really missed her in this episode. Sebary!!! Omg, I had been waitnig for this scene from the start. Though, I hadn't imagined like Mary runs away after it and says that it was a mistake. Poor Bash! :( And I liked Olivia's arriving. (I dont't know if anybody else feels like this too...) But I think she was quite similar to Mary. I mean how she looks like, she is a blonde-Mary or something. And finally, I'm really happy about that they found out what's happening between Kenna and Henry, it's gonna be interesting.

    Soundtrack: 6/10

    Favorite scene: Sebary kiss!!

    Favorite quote: Leith: M…

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  • Bogi05

    My opinion about Kissed

    November 4, 2013 by Bogi05

    Story: 9/10 It was my favourite episode so far! :D It was really eventful and I liked the Tomas-line very much. I'm really courious because this episode ended as the whole series would have ended or I don't know. :D It was a weird feeling for me. How will Mary go back to Francis? Leith became one of my favourite characters, they would be a nice couple with Greer. I hope there will be something more between them and Greer will stand up against her family. I'm interested in the Henry-Kenna relationship since there are more and more people who know their secret - Francis, Bash - and as Francis said, Catherine and Diane will have their own opinion about it, I'm sure. And I LOVED the Frary kiss! :))) But what are they gonna do with that? And wh…

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  • Bogi05

    Story: 8/10 Until now I was an absolutely Sebary shipper and, although I still want them together, I like this Mancis thing more and more. The scene when Francis 'saved' Mary from Simon's hand was outstanding. :D I really like this Kenna-Henry line too, I'm interested what will happen to them. I'm glad tha Francis realised that Catherine had been behind the poisionings, but I feel sorry for her too, because I know that she does what she does to protect her son. And Charles was very sweet! :)

    Soundtrack: 6/10

    Favorite scene: When Francis 'saved' Mary from Simon's hand.

    Favorite quote: Charles: Can I get a giraffe too?

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    My opinion about the Pilot

    October 19, 2013 by Bogi05

    Story: 7/10 It was a correct premiere. I have read reviews which said that some people didn’t like the idea that it's not historically accurate. Although Laurie and the cast has said that it’s not the history channel and telling Mary Stuart’s real historical story had never been the plan. For me it was fine and I think they found the golden mean. What bothered me a little is that maybe writers couldn’t decided which is the more important now: showing that Francis and Mary like each other and they can fall in love with each other or that Francis doesn’t insist on marrying Mary. I wouldn’t have had problem with this if Francis hadn’t changed his mind again and again.I liked the Catherine-Nostradamus couple so much, both of them is a really g…

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