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My opinion about A Chill in the Air

Bogi05 November 18, 2013 User blog:Bogi05

Story: 8/10 It was a great episode again. What I especially liked was the vagrants-line, anyway, I think they should spend more time on the vagrants and Clarissa. I really missed her in this episode. Sebary!!! Omg, I had been waitnig for this scene from the start. Though, I hadn't imagined like Mary runs away after it and says that it was a mistake. Poor Bash! :( And I liked Olivia's arriving. (I dont't know if anybody else feels like this too...) But I think she was quite similar to Mary. I mean how she looks like, she is a blonde-Mary or something. And finally, I'm really happy about that they found out what's happening between Kenna and Henry, it's gonna be interesting.

Soundtrack: 6/10

Favorite scene: Sebary kiss!!

Favorite quote: Leith: More. More. A little more. Perfect.

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