Story: 9/10 It was my favourite episode so far! :D It was really eventful and I liked the Tomas-line very much. I'm really courious because this episode ended as the whole series would have ended or I don't know. :D It was a weird feeling for me. How will Mary go back to Francis? Leith became one of my favourite characters, they would be a nice couple with Greer. I hope there will be something more between them and Greer will stand up against her family. I'm interested in the Henry-Kenna relationship since there are more and more people who know their secret - Francis, Bash - and as Francis said, Catherine and Diane will have their own opinion about it, I'm sure. And I LOVED the Frary kiss! :))) But what are they gonna do with that? And what about Mash (is it the official nickname for them, isn't it?)? Why did they started that? I mean now Mary will wed to Tomas... It's not a love triangle anymore, it's a love quadrangle!

Soundtrack: 7/10 I loved Tete a Tete! :D

Favorite scene: When Mary fell down from the tree. :D

Favorite quote: Sebastian: Why aren't you dance like that? Francis: Shut up.

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