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My opinion about Snakes in the Garden

Bogi05 October 26, 2013 User blog:Bogi05

Story: 8/10 Until now I was an absolutely Sebary shipper and, although I still want them together, I like this Mancis thing more and more. The scene when Francis 'saved' Mary from Simon's hand was outstanding. :D I really like this Kenna-Henry line too, I'm interested what will happen to them. I'm glad tha Francis realised that Catherine had been behind the poisionings, but I feel sorry for her too, because I know that she does what she does to protect her son. And Charles was very sweet! :)

Soundtrack: 6/10

Favorite scene: When Francis 'saved' Mary from Simon's hand.

Favorite quote: Charles: Can I get a giraffe too?

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