Story: 7/10 It was a correct premiere. I have read reviews which said that some people didn’t like the idea that it's not historically accurate. Although Laurie and the cast has said that it’s not the history channel and telling Mary Stuart’s real historical story had never been the plan. For me it was fine and I think they found the golden mean. What bothered me a little is that maybe writers couldn’t decided which is the more important now: showing that Francis and Mary like each other and they can fall in love with each other or that Francis doesn’t insist on marrying Mary. I wouldn’t have had problem with this if Francis hadn’t changed his mind again and again.I liked the Catherine-Nostradamus couple so much, both of them is a really good character, though more Nostradamus scene would be better soon. :D And of course I’m in love with Mary and Sebastian; I am definitely Team-Sebary! :D They are really sweet together.

Soundtrack: 6/10 It was fine and matched with the story.

Favourite scene: When Francis was making swords and Mary appeared.

Favourite quote: Sebastian: You are not alone. Mary: I have my friends. Sebastian: I am not talking about your friends.

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