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    Missing Music Tracks

    December 20, 2014 by Foreverwitchy

    I was running out of space to list the missing music tracks from Reign on the ReignMusic youtube channel. So I've decided to move the list here. If you have any of the files listed below please send me a link so that I may add them!

    Files needed:

    • The Magnetic North - Can You Help Me [1x10]
    • Paul Lawler - The Way Of Life [1x17]
    • JW Media Music - Galliards [1x17]
    • Studio G Music - A Dram And A Jam [1x17]
    • Duncan Aran & Cy Jack - The Early Harvest [1x17]
    • Studio G Music - Wolsey Fancye [1x17]
    • Feather & Belle - Apart from you [1x18]
    • APM Studio Musicians - Allemande Fur 2 Lauten [1x18]
    • Neulore - Tribes [1x19]
    • James Stemple - The Tempest [1x17 & 1x22]
    • David Marshall - My Lady's Fancy [2x05]
    • Umberto Santucci - Medieval Tapestry [2x06]
    • Extreme Studio Musicians - Qua…

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  • Foreverwitchy

    Pilot, Review

    October 19, 2013 by Foreverwitchy

    First of all I am in love with Mary and Bash I know they can't really be together in the end because she is engaged and he is illegitimate. I love there scenes especially when they were staring at each other when Mary was dancing (that was an epic scene) ! I'm not going to lie however I'm sort of tired of love triangle because of the Vampire Diaries over using them but I won't let it ruin the show for me. Second I'm also very intrigued with the superstition aspects of the show like the woman or ghost with the bag over there head and the mystery that is the woods surrounding the castle (since people were really superstitious back then I was hoping it would be included within the series). Thirdly I really enjoy the music I feel like it gives…

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