I was running out of space to list the missing music tracks from Reign on the ReignMusic youtube channel. So I've decided to move the list here. If you have any of the files listed below please send me a link so that I may add them!

Files needed:

  • The Magnetic North - Can You Help Me [1x10]
  • Paul Lawler - The Way Of Life [1x17]
  • JW Media Music - Galliards [1x17]
  • Studio G Music - A Dram And A Jam [1x17]
  • Duncan Aran & Cy Jack - The Early Harvest [1x17]
  • Studio G Music - Wolsey Fancye [1x17]
  • Feather & Belle - Apart from you [1x18]
  • APM Studio Musicians - Allemande Fur 2 Lauten [1x18]
  • Neulore - Tribes [1x19]
  • James Stemple - The Tempest [1x17 & 1x22]
  • David Marshall - My Lady's Fancy [2x05]
  • Umberto Santucci - Medieval Tapestry [2x06]
  • Extreme Studio Musicians - Quaint By Numbers [2x06]
  • APM Studio Musicians - Robin Hood [2x06]
  • George Wilson - English Dance [2x07]
  • Gerhard Trede - Fidel Voksfest [2x07]
  • Hans Haider - Carmina [2x09]
  • John Debney - Noble Gathering [2x09]
  • Jeffrey, Laycock & Holborrne - Hey Ho Holiday [2x09]
  • Joseph Aldenzee - Wizard Dance [2x09]
  • Jens Ewald - Joyful Evening [2x12]
  • Jens Ewald - Saltarello Napoletano [2x12]
  • Gerhard Kanzian & Krassimira Ziegler - The Bard's Love [2x19]

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