General Opinion:

First of all I am in love with Mary and Bash I know they can't really be together in the end because she is engaged and he is illegitimate. I love there scenes especially when they were staring at each other when Mary was dancing (that was an epic scene) ! I'm not going to lie however I'm sort of tired of love triangle because of the Vampire Diaries over using them but I won't let it ruin the show for me. Second I'm also very intrigued with the superstition aspects of the show like the woman or ghost with the bag over there head and the mystery that is the woods surrounding the castle (since people were really superstitious back then I was hoping it would be included within the series). Thirdly I really enjoy the music I feel like it gives it a Marie Antoinette-esque vibe with the modern music with the period drama which I love. I noticed the costumes being criticised for looking like prom dresses and yeah some of them do I'm not going to lie but at least there gorgeous.

To address the Historical Inaccuracies:

I would like to clear up the fact that its in the Historical Fiction genre which means its not supposed to be 100 % accurate. Personally despite being someone whom is passionate about History I'm not really bothered by it because they said from the start it was not going to be different.  I like it better that way because I can actually be surprised instead of knowing exactly what is gowing to happen.

Burning Questions:

  • Who or what is the woman with the bag on her head? 
  • What are in those woods that has everybody frightened?

Quick Scoring:

  • Plot: 9/10 (Has me hooked)
  • Music: 9.5/10 (Was a bit loud at times)
  • Costumes 7/10 (Could improve)

Favourites From The Pilot:

  • Characters: Mary, Bash & Kenna
  • Quote: You are not the only one with a country to think of - Mary 
  • Song: Scotland by The Lumineers
  • Scene: The wedding

All in all its unique and nothing really similar is on tv right now.

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