I've certainly found out that.

Greer/Leith storyline: He will soon break from where he is and will visit her once or twice, but since it's considered to be treason breaking free fro the army, he'll be hunt down. She will protect him somehow. And either he ends up dead, either Greer will make a CERTAIN BIG ARRANGEMENT to make him escape from everything.

That'll be bloody good!

Mary/Francis/Bash: Now that Bash's back, he and Mary will get closer again, but not that much as he has everyone's eyes on him, including Francis' and Henry's. That'll make everything even better. Anyway, for some episodes, I do not think he'll really have any job to do, except the Darkness thing, but that'll be minor, comparing it to others.

Mary and Francis will go MANY UPs and DOWNs and that's obvious. But anyway I think that their union is the base Mary has in her fight against Marie de Guise. Actually, I am pretty sure there won't be long until she gets to know that he's still in danger of dying. And she'll probably go mad with that and try to UN-marry him or something, but anyway everyone will SUFFER.

Lola: As we all know, she'll be getting married by the end of the season and it seems that she's found a suitor. But honestly, in no possible way, she will stay with that man. Julien is so awesome, but it'd be way too good to be real for Jula/Lolien to stay together. 

Nostradamus/Olivia: I love this couple and wish the best for it. They may have some chances, but... Well, I wouldn't be surprised if Nostradamus will soon predict Olivia's death too, at his hands maybe, that'd be interesting enough!!!

Henry: I hate Penelope! Kat Prescott is brilliant but Penelope's a whore. I hope she'll get thrown off the window too. Hopefully that will happen as current Henry is unpredictable and his character finally got interesting. I bet Kenna's heartbroken enough to show some repulsion to it. Anyway, for sure The Darkness and the whole bitchy thing that Henry's currently having will lead to his death in season 1 finale.

Clarissa: I do not expect to show up for some episodes, but if she does I think she'll help go against the Darkness. Anyway, it is a really great thing that she's alive. She brings some pepper to the whole Reign soup and her bitterness and sadness is so good that you can't dislike her. Anyway, I expect her to die for real after a new Clarrisa arc, possibly in season 2. 

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