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  • Margotanne

    Ship them?

    April 30, 2014 by Margotanne

    Do you ship them???

    I don't know yet............

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  • Margotanne

    So i myself am a HUGE shipper of the couple Grieth (Greer and Leith) and when i saw last episode i was devestated but kind of happy because in the way the court didn't take Greer and Leith's relationship as if they were only sleeping together, I kind of felt they knew it was love. After this happened, stating the obvious, it felt really weird Greer saying yes to Peppercorn's proposal, so just to soften the blow a bit i think that Leith will be back because there is a really slight chance that Greer is actually going to have a love sort of relationship with Castleroy. So I don't know why I really wrote this, it was kind of just to get it out there and release my inner feelings.....

    So, I guess this post was mainly what I said before, is to h…

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