I know I have absolutely no right to say this, especially since I am watching Reign entirely by my own will-power, (some may even say obsessively) but in the name of blog posting I will say it anyway.  I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES!!!   Ok, I know, they're the basis of every CW show, well basically pop culture now, and they add a lot of content to the show, but hear me out.  Love triangles make it really hard to believe in a relationship.  Don't get me wrong, I have NO problems picking out who I think should end up with who, but I never truly have faith (whether my ship sails or sinks) that any relationship in the show is real (inside the show world anyway).  It's really hard to believe that someone can really be in love when they're constantly in a state of indecision about who they "love more".  How can you love someone if you don't care that you're constantly hurting him/her?  Are we endorsing abusive relationships here?  I want to believe that my favorite couple really are together... but that's really really hard to do when I just want to shove them both into a hole for constantly hurting everyone around them.  While I will acknowledge there have been many great love triangles (which really don't usually stay "triangles"... they have this confusing ability to morph into all kinds of strange shapes and weird sets of connections and hook ups... but for the sake of sanity I will just stick with "triangles") and that with enough tact, even I can actually enjoy their dynamic, they still come with a lot of unnecessary hurt, and honestly just make me upset with all of the characters involved.       

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