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Visaguard is a pagan village in the mountains that was burned to the ground. It is were the Darkness took Pascal to show him predictions of disasters.


Season OneEdit

In Long Live The King, Bash learns of Visaguard via Pascal telling Kenna that the Darkness had taken him there.

In Slaughter of Innocence, Bash and Nostradamus finally find Visaguard and see that it has been burned to the ground and that the surrounding areas had been flooded a year ago. That it was odd no one settled there because the town sits on higher ground. When they enter one of the houses they find corpses. They find Pascal's glove and a sacrifice, that's were the Darkness took Pascal. Nostradamus points out that there are pictures of disasters that happened in the area over the years. They see one of falling stars which neither of them know about, alongside a pagan rhyme.


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