Wedding of Lady Lola and Lord Narcisse
Wedding of Lola and Lord Narcisse1
General Information
  • Spring 1559

The wedding of Lady Lola and Lord Narcisse occurred during Season Three in the episode, Extreme Measures. This event officially united the couple who were forced to hide their love affair, due to Francis forbidding them from being together.

During the EventEdit

When Francis learns how Narcisse helped his brother Charles in his time of need, Francis tells him that Lola sees a man of honor, kindness, and courage; Francis further says that he believes that he will take care of Lola and that he does love her deeply. Narcisse is almost speechless as he thanks Francis who then gives his permission for Lola and Narcisse to marry.

Later that day, the wedding ceremony takes place; Lola enters in a beautiful white wedding gown complete with a train, and a veil held by a pearl headpiece. Narcisse lifts up the veil as he and his bride kneel at the altar, are fed communion, exchange rings, and finally seal their union with a kiss.

While the newly married couple are enjoying each other they are shocked as Catherine appears, newly released from her prison cell, and dressed in a lovely gown with dark colors; she congratulates the happy couple on their wedding; however she misplaced her invitation. Lola looks slightly worried as Catherine wishes them health and a happy life; however Narcisse moves to protect his new bride and leads her away leaving Catherine alone.



  • Lord Narcisse proposed to Lola in Extreme Measures, and their wedding took place the same day.

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