Winter's Ease Feast
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General Information
  • Winter 1559
  • Celebrating the first bloom of the year

Tomorrow night's Winter Ease. The first blooms have been sighted in the snow. We feast, dance, celebrate new beginnings.

The Winter's Ease Feast is a feast to celebrate the first bloom of the year. Representing the coming end of winter.

During The EventEdit

As the feast begins, Lola and Condé get acquainted after Mary's push for the two to be together. While Kenna stands alone waiting for Bash to arrive she's approached by Antoine. Who fished for information on on Bash to find out if he is indeed guilty of killing his brother. When he learns of Bash's role in the Italian wars he becomes suspicious and tells Condé of this information.

Mary and Francis are later escorted into the study by Narcisse who tells them England has offered to pay Antoine into letting them pass through Navarre to attack France. Shortly after when Lola goes seeking Narcisse to accept his request to visit hot springs, she see's him with Claude making out. Disappointing and frustrating her; she's soon after comforted by Kenna. Meanwhile Mary asks Condé to spy on his brother to figure out if the English threat is real, however he refuses. Narcisse who is still with Claude turns her down after she tries to command him, insinuating that she doesn't trust him. Soon after Mary and Francis escort Antoine in the study to discuss the English trying to position themselves in Navarre.


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